Letter to John Doe, What I Would Ask You If I Could, I Must Ask Humanity

“We’re never going to survive unless we get a little bit crazy.” Seal

A few years ago, I jumped ahead of myself and tried to advocate for missing people other
than my mother as though I was ready to take on the world. It’s hard to say specifically what
prompts my interest in a particular case. To me these are humanity’s concerns, missing and
unidentified persons.

One missing and unidentified person, I found myself interested in was a young man found
murdered in Maryland.

I felt connected to him as though he were right here hanging out with me. Then, the other
day someone mentioned Washington D.C. crime and this afternoon here am I once again
trying to identify, John Doe while listening to one of my favorite songs, Let Your Soul Be Your
Pilot by Sting. So, here goes a renewed effort to help John Doe, but let me clarify, this time I
realize all I can be is an advocate.

I recall building a myspace page for him while at the time my mother’s case was heating up.
Trying to see things from his perspective, the lay out, I picked for him was a background with
a classy, sportscar in my mother’s favorite color, yellow. With all the personal circumstances
in my life, I’m not even sure what happened to the page.

Once an advocate for Maryland’s missing person’s wrote to me about him. She was interested in
trying to identify him too. John Doe’s remains were located on April 13, 2000 in Beltsville,
Prince George’s County, Maryland. He was found in an area of the Beaver Dam Creek in the

Estimated date of death, 2 months prior, he was 6.3 and over 200 lbs. between 25 and 55
years of age which is a pretty, vast window. It’s theorized he was possibly of mixed race,
Caucasian and African American and based on forensic reconstructions shown in photographs
he may have had light skin. Anyone who knows of a missing man or a man who is missing from
this time who matches the listed characteristics contact the appropriate authorities.

While he was found fully clothed wearing a hoodie, t-shirt, jacket and jeans, the most important
evidence could be a car key found in his possession and it was to a Volkswagon vehicle.
Dentals are available and dna is in Codis.

He was found in April of 2000 and his date of death was estimated to be two months prior to
the body being located. I do not know if this estimation rules out men who disappeared in the
winter of 1999. This could be an important question to ask the police.


John Doe, I wish we could ask you where you lived in your lifetime, name, phone number,
address.Since, we can not request specifics directly from you, let’s turn to a map of the
United States. The following could hold true based on the location. However, we do not know
that he is not from somewhere far across the U.S. map. However, my instinct has always been
he’s from D.C. Located in Maryland, my theories of origin include; Washington D.C.,
Virginia, West Virginia ,New York, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island along with possibly
of Connecticat, New Jersey, Vermont.

Emotion Runs Deep

John Doe, I offer my undying humanity. He was someone’s son. He lived and loved and lost his
life to an unknown conflict. His worth as a person amounts to more than my ability or inability
to realize who he was in life. God has placed no mark upon him to lessen his value as a human
being with the right to a proper funeral and believe me, the desire to properly say our farewells
to the dead says more about us as a human race than accepting the epidemic of unidentified
persons without solution. His identity is up to us now. Tell the world his name. Allow his family
healing and closure. Listen to the voice of reason. Peace.

Maryland State Police, Center For Missing Persons: 1-800-637-5437

Notes: I did manage to find the myspace page I made for him from a few years ago.
The lay out, I must have removed, but the page still exists.



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