LG 800G Touch Screen Phone

For those who want the experience touch screen technology but do not want to pay a hefty price or be saddled with an expensive wireless contract, may I recommend the LG 800G Touch Screen phone from Net 10 prepaid phone service.

The LG 800G provides users with Mobile Web capabilities and is equipped with

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. Additionally, users of the 800G Touch Screen can download Apps for their device with the purchase of additional memory. Along with these features, the LG 800G allows MMS picture messaging along with standard text messaging.

Other features include call waiting and caller ID, LCD color display, MP3 player (cable and microSD card not included, hands-free speaker and a 2.0 Mega pixel Camera with a Video recorder. Battery talk time goes up to 4 hours with a standby time of 8 days. Accessories included with the phone include battery, wall AC adapter and SIM card.

The LG800G is the first touch screen phone offered by Net 10 and at the time of this publication is available for $49.99 on the NET 10 website. NET 10 service plans are available for as low as $15 a month for 300 minutes.

Resources: NET 10 Website
Net 10 Blog


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