Life After 60

Is sixty the end of the youth line? It is said that sixty is the new forty. This is the time of life to sit back and enjoy…but wait don’t relax too much. There is work to be done.

How do you feel when you wake up each morning? Your first thought should be something you are excited about or looking forward to doing. It could be as simple as lunch with a favorite friend, working in the garden, calling your kids, cooking something new for dinner, a long and brisk walk. It could be you are seriously thinking about starting a new business, or at least a new project that you cannot wait to get started. Start your research today. Go on line, make calls, buy magazines…just get yourself revved up about this new business you want to start. Start the daydreaming process which will lead you in the direction you want.

Get yourself out of bed and do some stretches, a little yawning and head for your cherished cup of tea or coffee. Thank God you have the time to linger over the newspaper, make a phone call; and can put off any errands you don’t feel like doing. Give time for thanks. Life is good but you have to say thank you to someone for all you have. No matter how good life is it often is not easy. So we take a break from problems as often as we can and remember to enjoy our lives.

Have you give some thought to turning your hobby into a business? Maybe today you want to get in your car and just go for a ride or a special shopping outing. This can be the time of joy, fun and choice. If you are still working, take time to bless your job that you can go to everyday. As you get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom think how lucky you are to have a warm home, food to eat and can make happy plans for the day.

If you allow yourself to feel badly, sad, disappointed in someone and are unhappy all day–YOU have missed a wonderful day in your life.

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