Life’s Philosophy

There are those who take advantage of life.

Some wish away the minutes, in a hurry to the next event.

Then , there are those who dream of bigger and better,

never quite satisfied with what they already have.

It’s true, life does hand us lemons at times,

but we must turn it around,

and make the best of those lemons.

Life can get sour,

and even bitter-sweet.

But the main truth is-

Life only happens once.

We all get one chance to make it right.

One chance to achieve our dreams.

And one life-time to share our love with family and friends.

Life isn’t forever.

And it isn’t a show.

Life is real.

Only God knows when our last page will be turned.

He is the one we should turn to when life hands us a lemon or two.

While we may not understand his actions, or why our life leads us on rocky roads,

It’s important to make the best of what you have.

Life is a gift.

It is not an experiment.

When you make a choice, be sure that it’s the one that you want.

We must take each day at a time.

Each day could always be your last.

You just never know.

Appreciate your family.

Appreciate your friends.

Appreciate your life.

It’s the only one you have.

Life isn’t forever…

But eternity is.

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