Linked-In: How to Change Email Preferences from Daily to Weekly

If you’re like me, you joined Linked-In to stay in touch at a professional level with your colleagues, former colleagues and friends. However, with texting, Facebook and other social media like Twitter and blogs, sometimes enough is enough. On December 14, 2011, Linked-In changed their default email notification from weekly to daily. Suddenly people are getting bombarded by too many Linked-In notifications from their main page as well as from any group they are a member of.

Linked-In made this change because they felt it was important to send timely notices to members right away. But how do you revert back to getting just the weekly summary if you feel like you’re getting SPAMMED by your own social network sites? It’s easy, here’s how:

Log into your Linked-In account Find “Settings.” This is found in the upper right hand corner under your name. Just hover your cursor by your name and a pull down menu will appear. Select “Settings.” Click on “Email Preferences” which is in the Left-Middle of that screen. Click on “Set the frequency of emails” Change your settings to suit your specific needs.

If you are a member of a group, again, go to “Email Preferences” and follow the process below:
Choose “Set the frequency of group digest emails.” Choose “Weekly Digest Email” or “No Email” instead of “Daily.”

That’s it. You are now set and will see a change in frequency to your email notifications from Linked-In.

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