Little Big Planet 2: Video Game Favorite for 2011

My favorite video game of 2011 is the Playstation exclusive, Little Big Planet 2. This game can literally do anything. You begin with an engaging storyline, earning prizes, such as costumes, stickers, or materials, for use later. After finishing the storyline, which can last a good 10 hours, you still have much more to do. There are many downloadable content story add-ons as well, incorporating such movies and games as Toy Story, Marvel, Incredibles, Pirates of The Carribean, Metal Gear Solid and not to mention that there are several level packs made by the developers,

This game will truly never end. It will truly never end, mostly because of the millions of community levels made by various community members. Not only can you play some of the 5 million community levels made by anyone, and available to anyone, through Sony’s Playstation network, you can also create your own levels. Creating levels can be anywhere from a casual fun event, to a hardcore logic involving project. In game creation is one of this game’s main boasting points. Even though much of the community levels aren’t quite up to par with the story lines, some community creators have made the story line look like quite a sham. Which has creators such as Steve_Big_Guns and Foofles leading the way for all creators, Little Big Planet 2 can make anyone into a game developer.

Another important portion of Little Big Planet 2’s charm is the costumes available to the players. People can dress themselves as they please, with millions of different combinations possible to be made through items given to them through the storyline. And if the free costumes from the storyline are not enough, you can get costumes through more downloadable content from many franchises varying from Street Fighter, Killzone, Loco Roco, and many, many more!

With everything possible in this game, it is an award winning experience, with greater possibilities for user generated content than anything. With all these new user generated content levels, we find ourselves playing entertaining sports mini-games, classic arcade remakes, clever platformers, and intense musical creations.

This game embodies all that a game should be, made by the Lion Head offspring of Media Molecule. In conclusion, I find this game to be more than just a favorite game of 2011. I find this game to be a portal of inspiration for aspiring game developers, or just those who wish to let their creativity shine. This game should be a wonderful classic that lasts for years to come!

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