Living Your Dream

Getting what you want in life is vital to your happiness and success. Fulfilling our desires gives us hope and helps us to strive for more in future endeavors. By accomplishing what we set out to do, we gain the courage to keep on trying and the belief that we can and will keep on succeeding. Attaining your true desires is serving your purpose in life. If your desires truly speak to you and are part of what matters most to you, then seeking out this goal is the best thing for you. It is when one gets lost in trying to attain something that is not aligned with their true desires that they tend to fail. For instance, sometimes we talk ourselves into a goal with the belief that this is what will make us happy. If we believe that once we attain it, we will live a better life and feel differently, then this goal is bound to fail us.

When we seek with the purpose of furthering ourselves and accomplishing something that feels akin to our destiny, then this is what will make us happy, for then we are following our path and are meant to succeed. When we feel failure, loss, change, or disruption in our dreams, perhaps our dreams are not the right ones. When we are aligned with our true calling, then success will follow almost indefinitely. If you find that you have not been able to acquire what you dream for, then take a look at your dream again. Does your dream fit you, really fit you; does it connect to who you are? Or is it an idea of who you think you should be and what you should be doing?

Imagine asking yourself, without the should, need to, or ought to in your life interfering, what you want? Imagine listening to the answer, without a biased opinion of whether it is right, possible, or part of your plans. Take a look at what you feel, at what comes to mind with openness to yourself and with no agendas. You may find your dreams are being fulfilled, but if not, change your plans, so you can reach your fullest potential and happiness in this life. Know that owning something does not necessarily fulfill you, for relying on anything outside of yourself to bring you happiness will not work. Only by being your true self, living your destiny, and following your dreams will get you to where you need to be.

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