Loaded with Halloween Costumes & Ideas for 2011

October 31st will crush you with fear and some pretty cool Halloween costumes with ideas in this loaded piece. From traditional, unique, spastic to fantastic Halloween costume ideas, including the prop shed and how to make homemade blood, this Halloween guide should assist in your spook gear for the year. Sit back and prepare to be scared when your funny bone drops.

Halloween is right on track. Don’t stand in the way!

Tricks and gags, fake cuts and blood makes for a slight horrific tradition. Keyword is tradition. To pull off the ultimate traditional Halloween costume you must know what to become, portray, or pose. Who or what is it going to be Sparky?

Traditional Halloween costumes include vampire and/or werewolf (from Eclipse), classic mummy, unforgettable Frankenstein, transparent invisible man (wear black / white gloves, light colored hat, light colored shoes), sexy witch (Elvira?), warlock (not to be confused with Charlie Sheen), wizard (cast from Wizard of Oz), zombie, voodoo priest, ghoul, ghost in chains (Jacob “Jake” Marley in Scrooge), arachnophobia (safely attach spiders all over clothes, shoes, purse, etc), gangsters (Bonnie and Clyde, east side – west side), overcooked baker, bloody bride (and groom), wounded war soldier, politician, sports (announcer or athlete), cowboy (or cowgirl), waitress, maid, an object (TV, robot, etc), favorite movie star, television interest or musician.

Golden sex kitten Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean), smooth operator Humphrey Bogart, sweet Lady Day (Billie Holiday), and the Rat Pack all remain good costume choices – if you don’t mind dressing the part for the fiftieth time. Then there’s the famous red carpet lovers such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli. A bucket full of options with those two from their movie characters to the four corners of the world adoptions. Some people collect coins. Mr. & Mrs. Smith collects…

Scars on stars is not far fetched. Simply dress as your favorite star – with a scar. Use one of the fake skin ideas or products and test scar formations on your hand. Apply a small amount of fake skin in the form of scar you wish to create. Press down the edges. Do not use blood on a scar. A scar is a closed healed wound.

Unique Halloween costumes include the compulsive obsessive narcissistic therapist, bloody pregnant bride or pregnant nun (religiously risky), sword assassin (Beatrix Kiddo and/or David Carradine), assassin (007 style), dyslexic librarian, police officer with taser power trip, mad doctor or scientist (and chemically imbalanced staff), needle driven nurse, or sex guru (not another Russell Brand).

Spastic Halloween costumes are just, well, spastic. And the well noted choices are Charlie Sheen in a meat outfit (aftermath of Two and a Half Men’s train wreck) with Lady Gaga in her meat outfit, the ghost of Billy Mays (OxiClean / lots of white powder and gun-ho attitude), or the edgy love American style pimp Katt Williams (cover the kid’s ears when viewing Katt’s Mexican Youtube conflict).

Fantastic Halloween sports costumes is an all time hit with this fall’s fall of the Giants. Oh, no they didn’t. Oh, yes they did!

Jacquian Williams, #57, and Deon Grant, #34, of the New York Giants took a dive – in front of the cameras. Falling (as if) to offer an injury display. It could have worked if only Grant would have looked over to see Williams using the time saving tactic first.

In honoring the tacky tactic dress like Williams and/or Grant of the N. Y. Giants (blue, white with a dash of red) and watch the video via ESPN’s Giants video. Practice falling (in sync) so that everyone knows you are about to be injured. Keep in mind that if you really want to look the part you may have to purchase a Giants jersey or rent a Giants costume.

Other fantastic Halloween costumes like an angry Mother Earth (and she is mad as Hades – earthquake cracks all over her body), President Barack Obama’s teleprompter (use a box / be creative by word alone), internet salesman selling a social network(s) (Facebook, Myspace, etc), Facebook post junkie (white post-its / black marker / start posting on self), or the entire cast of your favorite reality show (best with a group) can be Hallow-festive.

Historical skeletons never lose their scare (flare). Take the mask of Nixon. Now that’s some scary historic stuff! Moving on the thicker side of life – yummy tasty fake blood.

Fake Blood:

Let’s face it. Everyone can be as professional as a B-rated Sci-Fi flick of galactic flesh eaters and blood suckers. Lesson one marks a golden rule. Ketchup doesn’t really work as well as honey. Place a couple drops of red food coloring into a small bowl of honey. Mix with spoon. Use as much red food coloring that best fits your needs. This fake blood is easy to clean and easier to taste.

The Prop Shed:

Cuts and bruises may break my skin but what are you doing with that axe? Yes, time to crop a prop! Simply ping your creative side. There’s nothing like being yourself with a splitting headache (could be the traditional fake axe designed to fit the head). Drip your homemade fake blood around the “impact” to give it that lacerated appeal. The prop shed is full of choices.

So, your kid has too many balls? The prop shed can assist.

A child’s bouncy ball (approximately 8″), paint and a glue gun can create a couple of Halloween costumes from grapes to pinball and all between. For grapes gather an old set of clothing. Paint all the balls (found or purchased) with safe purple paint. Allow to dry. Attach each purple ball via glue from a glue gun to the clothes. Allow glue to dry between each application as you press the ball against the clothing after being glued. Just so you do know, glue gun glue dies much faster than liquid glue.

Other ball ideas include painting the ball into a head to attach (glue) to the shoulder of the shirt, painting the ball silver to be a part of a pinball machine, or painting the ball black and tying it to a stick to go with that barbarian look. Or you could stick the ball under the shirt in the front (pregnant) or the back (hunchback).

Props for an old man should include a walking stick, pair of glasses, long hair (Gandalf is that you?), aged fingernails (fake), and loafers or sandals for shoes. Props for the 2012 elections should include “vote for” slogans with a jab at the opponent.

Props, props, props. A baker wears an apron, hat and holds a rolling pin – prop. A press writer wears a hat with the word “press” labeled in front – prop. And a mother holds a baby (obviously a doll) – prop. The old man, candidate, baker, press writer, or mother could be holding yet another prop – a knife, an axe, or an orange. Back to Halloween options.

Just-in! Double-Feature:

Justin Bieber has a new hair look. It is basically the same as before, but shorter. His fashion sense has been a bit more relaxed. Wear a black blazer over a black t-shirt and under a thick rope of hanging gold. And do not forget those glasses. Yes, Beib is growing up boo!

All in all, Bieber can’t escape his past performance when he was bombarded by a water bottle. So, dress like the Bieb and use a glue gun to attached half full water bottles on your shirt.

Check out the Social Network Halloween Costume Ideas. There’s no need to get into Timberlake’s wonderful performance. Timberlake marks a festive spirit who dresses like Ellen Degeneres and remains a vocal heart throb. Sing and dance in a vest, white shirt, flats or converse. Just remember to add that classic Timberfake hat and matching scarf whenever going Justin.

Exaggerate the character! Each character known to man has a quality that can be exaggerated. If your character is talkative then talk, talk, talk. If you character is quiet then don’t say a word. If your character is a dancer then dance the moves in exaggeration. And if your character is moody then give the audience an off the chart emotional roller coaster.

The Icky Flesh Wound:

If you want to add gore (not Al) to your costume then put a bleeding gash in their head. Remember, you are not a zombie squirrel storing food inside of a flesh wound so don’t pack the wound so large (if will fall off). Also, since everyone has different skin some will work and other suggestions will not. Test first to assure no allergic reactions or arising skin issues.

The B-rated flesh of oatmeal, America’s favorite traditional fake bumpy skin. You can thicken oatmeal by adding less than the suggested amount of water. Once the consistency reaches a good paste-like texture apply it on your face (not near eyes, mouth, ears, or nose). Press down the edges after dabbing your fingers into warm water. Allow to dry. Use skin colored foundation (make-up) and cover the edges you pressed down. Pat lightly with a powder (foundation or baby) only once to match the edges with the rest of your skin. Time for the opening of the wound.

This wound doesn’t mend. Bend a bobby pin to use one of the ends and scrape the center of the oatmeal to create that cutting appeal. Use a mirror to see better. Once you have a small cut allow to dry in place for a couple of minutes. You can use a black eyeliner pencil to outline the cut to spruce up the visual. Wipe off the bobby pin.

To apply the fake blood on a facial wound lay down with your head on a tilt. Use a mirror to see better. Put a couple drops of fake blood into a cup and keep it at close reach. To apply the fake blood by dabbing the bobby pin end inside of the fake blood then calmly and steadily carry the pin to your facial wound. Slightly trickle the blood inside of your wound but not too much. Lay down for at least 5 minutes. This allows the fake blood to dry better and drip thicker.

If not oatmeal then use a flour and water mix. Simply mix until it could stick to your skin and be workable. If not the flour and water mix use a local store option found within the holiday isle(s). Again, be aware and beware of a skin irritation by testing each fake skin product before applying.

Traditional, unique, spastic, fantastic! All good ideas and suggestions to motivate that Halloween spirit. Happy Halloween!

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