Local Teen Brothers the Brewer Boys Make It to Top 32 Acts on the X Factor

If you live around Temecula, Calif., you may have heard about the Brewer Boys. Nathan is 13 and Justin is 17. They have been playing local gigs for a few years, I first saw them at the Merc Community Theater when they were just 11 and 15. I was blown away at what I heard and saw then and I knew I was watching something special. I saw them two more times, taking the kids to local concerts in the park. They have the unique ability to reach the younger kids because they’re music takes on a current, pop like feel you might find on the Disney Channel, but then the next song they play might be an Everly Brothers hit that your grandmother might get up and sway too. They call their music a blend of blue grass and pop. Which sets them apart along with their matching long shaggy haircuts, pop star smiles and the beautiful harmonizing they do so well and we have the X Factor in the Brewer Boys.

Another thing that you might find refreshing about the Brewer Boys besides their harmonizing is their personalities. They are genuinely polite and friendly, respectful and charismatic, the kind of kids you would wish this good fortune on. Thanks in part to their family, notably their mother who has done a wonderful job of promoting, guiding and helping them get to where they are and no doubt raising them to be amazingly talented and smart young men. (They play several musical instruments, including the guitar, harmonica and mandolin).

I’ve been telling everyone I know for years that these kids would make it big, it just took some time for them to find the right venue to do it.

They have it now.

After sailing through the auditions in front of the Judges, who include Paula Adbul, L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and the beloved Simon Cowell. Last week they made it through to the Judges house after making it through some grueling cuts down from several hundred to 64 and then the final 32 which is stage 3 of 4, called the Judges Homes. They were separated this week down to 4 different categories, each one being mentored by a different judge in a new kind of competition to see who has the X Factor. The winner receives a 5 million dollar recording contract. (Yet we all know all you have to do is get some quality exposure on these kind of shows to get a recording contract) The categories include; women, men, groups and singers over 30. L.A. Reid was assigned the men, Nicole the over 30’s, Simon the women and Paula Abdul was given the groups. Each has eight acts to mentor at their homes as they keep who they think will give them the best shot of having the winning X Factor contestant sending the others home one by one.

The X Factor Episode Judges Homes will air Thursday, October 13, 2011, on Fox. You might find the Brewer Boys hanging out at a local restaurant in the area, playing a gig in Murrieta, or Menifee, so if you ever hear of them playing near you, grab a seat. Meanwhile cheer them on and see how far the shooting stars can go on X Factor.

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