Lollipop Topiary

If you’ve ever made a lollipop tree you might have discovered that it can be pretty tricky. What happens is, after you have many sucker sticks inserted into the Styrofoam cone, it becomes harder and harder to find a place to push yet another lollipop. The Styrofoam can begin to snap off, and you have to glue it back in place to continue the tree. But when you make a lollipop topiary you won’t run into the problems you have when you use a cone. The sucker bushes can be made as decorations, as well as party favors, for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday.

Start with a clay pot – or other plant pot – as the base for the topiary. Buy a Styrofoam ball with a diameter a little larger than the pot. Wedge the ball into the pot to begin creating the lollipop topiary. If needed, apply hot glue to the inside rim of the pot to hold the ball in place.

Use a wooden dowel to create the levels on the topiary. Paint it green, allow to dry, then push it through the top of the ball in the pot. Remove it, fill the hole with hot glue, then put the dowel back in. Slide the next ball onto the dowel. The second ball can be the same size as the first one, or can be smaller. Put a circle of glue around an area on the dowel then slide the ball onto it. The glue will keep the ball from sliding down. After the dowel contains all the balls you want on the topiary, you can begin adding the suckers.

The best lollipops for the topiary arrangement are ball-shaped ones. These small suckers give a cute look to the ball topiary. Begin by pushing the sucker sticks into the bottom ball, going around the rim of the pot, and working your way up. Do the same to each ball, starting around the bottom, and going to the top.

After all the suckers are in place you have other options for decorating the topiary. Wrap a ribbon around the rim of the pot or even glue a large embellishment to the front of the pot. Wrap a silk vine of flowers around the dowel, between the Styrofoam balls. If needed, or wanted, glue tiny, curled ribbon pieces to toothpicks, then insert these between the lollipops, here and there.

The lollipop tree makes a nice gift but could also be the perfect way to give lots of guests their party favors. Use the topiaries to decorate a party room, a conference room, or just as a centerpiece for your kitchen table.

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