Looking Around Within

I look around this world and think
“LORD, what a mess we’re in”
Then You make me look inside
And see my own dark sin

It seems to be much easier
To point out other’s faults
“till God’s Spirit says; “Enough!”
As my false pride He halts

That speck I’ve seen within their eye
Seems small compared to mine
My shame becomes a measure
And my will yields to Thine

LORD, there’s no doubt this world’s a mess
But, sometimes I forget
That this world belongs to You
And we’re all in Your debt

LORD, please help me make a difference
And help me not to judge
Guide me to share Your Good News
And forgiveness not begrudge

We have no hope aside from grace
Undeserved love from You
Let Your love my pride replace
And through my life shine True

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