Looking for Canadian Business Financing & Lending – Commercial Finance Company Options

In Canada business owners and financial managers have an assortment of specialized finance companies that provide a broad level of financing products, all of them different in nature, so let’s examine why a certain commercial financing company might be your best logical choice for financing your business needs.

The good news is that Canada has hundreds of different and specialized financing sources… in fact we think quite often that our clients main challenge is simply identifying who those sources are and matching their finance offerings to their own specific needs . Some organizations are actually very significant entities and offer a broader subset of business financing less than one roof.

In order to determine the right commercial finance firm it is essential to think senior, or junior. What do we mean by that? Simply that if you are entertaining a senior debt facility it must be recognized by the business owner that that lender requires an overall first security position on the asset or assets being financed . Canadian banks do that well by an all encompassing document known as a General Security Agreement.

In many cases you the business owner aren’t seeking term debt, but an operating credit line. That type of facility in Canada is available from a Canadian chartered bank, but more and more corporations are going against the grain so to speak and seeking out an Asset Based Line (ABL) of Credit that allows them to draw on current assets with numerous other flexibilities.

Numerous boutique commercial loan firms in Canada provide temporary ‘ bridge ‘ loans… you guessed it , they are a ‘ bridge ‘ to a future re financing of certain assets .

In the U.S. there is a huge industry revolving around what is known as 2nd lien debt… simply speaking a second charge behind the first charge of any asset? This type of financing in Canada is somewhat rare, if not available at all.

There are some great hybrid vehicles… and we’re not talking cars here! These hybrid business financing offers take on a senior debt position, at the same time structuring some equity participation for the lender. Talk about a lender that motivated to help your firm! We hasten to add also that these types of arrangements can also be facilitated with privately controlled companies, not public entities as might be assumed.

Leasing companies in Canada are highly specialized asset lenders that finance every type of asset imaginable, even patents and technologies n some cases. Many firms take the leasing industry scenario one step further, and finance assets a sale leaseback basis, providing additional cash flow to existing owned assets.

A somewhat robust VC and Private Equity industry also exists in the Canadian business financing landscape. They facilitate growth, re financing, going private, going public and very specialized scenarios.

Numerous firms in Canada utilize merchant banks – these again are specialized firms that bring capital into your business, along with their own. They are compensated in the form of fees, and of course equity ownership with respect to any direct investment in your firm.

Bottom line. Pretty clear we think. If you are looking for a commercial finance company you’ve got numerous choices, they might be debt, equity, or hybrid financings. Business financing made simple, if you’ve got some expert guidance in place that places your needs and your own particular situation at the top of the priority list!

Seek and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor when looking for a commercial finance company in Canada.

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