Looking for Canadian SBL Loans from the Government for Your Business? There’s No Substitute for Good Information!

Boy do we get a lot of questions around the subject of loans from the government. The SBL (Small Business Loan) for your business just might be the ‘ tipping point ‘ between success and failure for the financing of your new of established business.

So why is this financing so great, let’s help you clarify that question… and finally, there is so much mis-information about the program that we thought we would share with you the ‘ straight goods’ on the program. Let’s get started!

There is a feeling among many clients that it takes a long amount of time to get both approved and funded on SBL loans. That depends only on one thing… you! We make a strong point with clients that if they are prepared and can meet the fundamental criteria of the program then a relatively small amount of planning (with some expert help) can get you approved within a week or so. That’s a far cry from the weeks and months that many business owners and entrepreneurs tell us they have spent muddling their way through the program.

So why do we maintain that its a matter of days when in fact your own experience might be otherwise .Enter the Boy Scout Motto …’ Be Prepared’! If you spend a bit of time ensuring you qualify for the program (we’ll share those qualifications in a moment ‘ then the preparation of a simple package of info confirming those qualifications will get you to the goal line. And by goal line we mean loan approval and funding.

Qualifications for the program are as follows – you must be a Canadian citizen or eligible to legally borrow in Canada. You also need to have a reasonable personal credit history. Banks that administer the program for the government use a scoring system from the credit bureau, and if you have the pre requisite score that helps ensure approval.

You should also be prepared to detail your financing via a business plan or strong executive summary. If you don’t have the ability, experience or time to prepare such a document then one can easily be prepared for you by an experienced Canadian business financing advisor.

And what is in that ‘ plan’… it’s not as complicated as you think. It’s info regarding yourself, your business experience, the asset or assets or business description you are financing (it can be a restaurant, manufacturing equipment, a purchase of a business, etc). Most importantly we feel is the financial plan you attach to your request.

The financial plan should show the sales, costs, and cash flows of the business… with emphasis on reality and conservatism and ensuring the cash flows show good repayment of the SBL business loan. SBL loans from the government are administered by the bank and both the bank the government (for some reason!) wish to see that they will be repaid!

So our bottom line is that with some expert info and assistance you can be sure that you have a very strong chance of being approved for the government small business loan. We encourage all clients to investigate the program, as rates, terms and structures are excellent for any small to medium sized (Sales under 5 million) business.

Ever felt that some expert assistance in any aspect of your business can get you to where you need to be faster? Seek and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can show you the fast track method of achieving approval on SBL loans from the government for your business venture.

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