Lose (Weight) with Me

It was a long Journey to get where I am at and an even longer Journey to get where I want to be. Over the years I have been an active, sports playing guy promoted and pushed mainly by my mother. So it comes as no surprise that when she passed away some 10 years ago, I simply fell off the Health conscience “wagon.” I slipped into a state of mind that can only be seen as depression, Though I didn’t feel depressed. Slowly gaining weight reaching in excess of 230 pounds.

At the time I was a physically fit, 180 pound strong man that could conquer anything, and would never back down from a good fight (metaphorically speaking of course). I was at the top of my game, I reached the Pinnacle of perfection in my eyes and those around me. I never did drugs, never smoked a cigarette and lived to be competitive. Nothing could stop me, not until Mom passed away that is. I never thought that I could get so out of shape to the point of coming up the stairs in my own home would have me winded.

From time to time I’d hit the weights, played baseball in traveling leagues all across California as well as men’s softball, but I never could get back to what I once was. I’ve tried my hardest (so I thought) to maintain a healthy life style, but it proved too tough with having a family of my own. Kids, work, sleep and repeat: That was my life then and now.

Nothings really changed except for my dad, “Big” Harv has passed this past Halloween. I won’t become the fat guy again, Not this time! I have bigger and better plans for my life. I’m currently at 220 pounds, again up from what I was a few years back of 200. I’m getting married this upcoming March and want to be as close to the 180 mark as I can get. With a little luck, perseverance and dedication, I will transform from this pear shaped body to a more physically fit, lean piece of meat. Lose weight with me by following up to date info ranging from Diet routines, weight lost (or god forbid gained) to actual workout regimen’s. I’m determined to get away from the way I am and to maintain a physique like I once had. It’ll be a long road but one well deserved.

We wont get far without doing the work necessary to be something we want to be and No one has the power to change you, like you do within your own self. You’ve gotta reach deep inside and pull as hard as you can to get the results you want out of life. If I can do it, so can you!

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