Lottery Top Secret

The secret to winning Fantasy 5 lottery lies largely in understanding how to work the numbers.

The top secret is applying the method to winning Fantasy 5 consistently.

The game is played nearly every day. You have an ample opportunity to win good money by learning the methods.

The Fantasy 5 lottery game is played by several states. The lotto game goes by different names depending on the state. Fantasy 5 lottery go by so many names, including Cash 5, Match 5, Fantasy Five and so forth.

Let us examine lotto trend numbers 12, 25 and 17 over several states.

California Lottery

CA Fantasy 5 exhibited the trend towards the end of last month. California lottery results played the winning numbers 12 and 25 on 8/29/2011. They group came back in the next California lottery result with 12 and 17 on 8/30/2011.

California Fantasy 5 completed the trend with winning number 25 on 8/31/2011. The trend resumed on 9/3/2011 with number 17. The remaining members 12 and 25 played nearly one week later to complete that cycle.

I will elaborate more on the top secret later in this article.

Texas Lottery

Cash Five is the lotto game for the Lone Star State. Texas lottery results will show clearly that the trend is good in every lottery market.

You don’t need to look further than one week to see the trend in action. Look at Texas Cash Five results of 9/12/2011 through 9/15/2011. The trend played right after each other. The winning Cash Five numbers t in the group that span through the three days are 12, 25, 25, and they concluded the trend on the 15th with winning numbers 12 and 17.

You will find through the rest of Texas lottery results that the group move in tandem.

New York Lottery

New York Take 5 is no exception. You will find the same trend on NY lottery results of 8/21/2011 through 8/23/2011. You can go back several years and check the trend. The trend is good everywhere.

Florida Lottery

FL Fantasy 5 has been playing the same trend. Look through Florida Fantasy 5 results of 7/7/2011 through 7/9/2011. The current Florida lottery result is on the trend right now. They started with number 17.

Maryland lottery

Maryland Match 5 lottery is in it too. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Colorado Cash 5, Georgia lottery, Pennsylvania lottery or any other lotto.

Lottery Top Secret

The key is understanding how to work out the winning numbers. You need more than one group to win the jackpot. The prior lottery result is the first clue.

The real secret lies in understanding how to calculate lottery trends.

You will win more consistently once you learn how to calculate trends.

The proper tool is the way to go.

The opportunity is huge.

This Is Your Time!

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