Love Me Some QR Codes!

What’s a QR code?
Lately I have been spreading the love about these cute little squares that you see on various print materials. The most common questions I hear- What are they for? What do they do? Well, listen up folks, this is it in a nutshell, followed by some examples just for you :)

I will start by saying that Quick Response, aka QR, codes are meant to get information to a mobile user, well, quickly. The point of including a QR code on, say, your brochure is this: the guest uses their phone to scan the code and it takes them to a web page. Preferably one that was created to specifically relate to the material the code was on.

For instance, put a QR code on your trail map and have it link to your snow report page that shows the conditions of the trails… NOT just a link to your web site’s home page. If they wanted to go to your home page, they would just type in your url. You have an engaged guest that wants information fast and, if they are scanning the trail map, chances are they want trail information – thus, QUICK RESPONSE.

Useful analytics!
The best part about these codes is that FINALLY there is a great way to track your marketing in print! Since you can create a new code for every page, the possibilities are endless! Running a promo for learn to ski week? You can complete your campaign in a matter of minutes! Create your code for FREE (do a search for QR code generator) and link to a specific page that you have created just for this promo. Now, if a guest scans the code and goes to that web page (that only is for that code) you know how many people have visited!

It doesn’t stop at brochures or trail maps either – get creative and think where you can put them! Recently we put one on our SWAG – lip balm for upcoming tradeshows. Scan it and it brings you to a mobi page specifically for the target audience that will be at the tradeshow. Once they have landed on this page, it gives them information on our services, then asks for information in return. For instance, a sentence or two about the services we offer then the option to enter a contest that asks for their name, email and if they would like to be on our eblast for the latest on this service. All completely trackable and hopefully a way pick up a few names to add to our eblast list!

It’s easy – here’s how!
When adding a QR code to your campaign, complete the following steps and you’ll be successful:

Create your QR code that links to a SPECIFIC landing page (technical note: make sure the code generator is cross platform friendly – all phones not just the iphone for instance – try: or ) Make sure the landing page is mobile friendly- your guest is on a mobile device so design your page appropriately (no big graphics) Put information on the page that is geared for a target audience that would be visiting that page for a very specific reasons and make sure they get that information. Call to action – once they have the information they were looking for, have them give you something back. Don’t forget your navigation that goes to the rest of the mobi friendly web site.

Voila!! Quick, easy, marketing that is effective, trackable and most of all USEFUL for both you and your guests!

Look at the QR code as the the bridge between print and web, only better: it gives you so much more than putting your url on everything (which we are all doing right?!) It offers information quickly for the guest and gives you the tools to develop marketing patterns based on information you’ve collected. Now all you have to do is utilize it!

Check out for more ways to help your ski resort succeed online!

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