Love Sunsetted

Because a rose was more of a rose in your gaze,
The brocade of my simple thought,
Was troped by the music of your feeling,
The prism of your heart,.
Was staid in the chronicle of your time,
The graphos of your space,
Was taken not as the Host is taken,
(Lacking sense of am)
But was taken in our conjugal moment,
Our together in repose,
I, never knowing why you fright me,
Oh my child,
So unwintered yet so unbeguiled.
Your deep unsounded. Your spirit so unriled.
While I am deposed and unrequited,
Bereft and undecided,
Soulfully blighted, self-effaced, my heart benighted.

If the value of the whole is greater than the joining of its parts,
I find I am seeking lost, lesser wholes,
While plying faint, broken hearts.

If One was greater and more sanctifying than the separated two,
Even more so when the One did include, did invoke, and did engender you.

I pray for you. Choose to pray for me,
Time will come clear, what will be will be.
But if I am not worth it be the tell on your face,
Then life without love is my allotted place.

We raised three kids, as issue from us both, set free to live that they might love,
Our simulacrum in flesh and spirit, each a trove of dreams and aspirations, each a living apprehension
of a transcendent God above.

Be at peace with your late mother as she raced the firmament beyond the skies,
To be at rest with your father, a hope to emulate, to realize.

And now comes my closing, comes the question I am posing:
Our souls are God-made and immortal.
Out of causal beginning comes our incessant, forever present Amen.
What does it consist of, who will people your immortal hereafter?
And when your sleepless beatific agape comes due,
With whom (equally triumphant) will you carry on as friend?

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