Lower Electric Bill and Save Energy with These Tips

Do you sit down before opening the electric bill each month so you’ll be cushioned for the shock? Use these tips to save energy and lower your electric bill so you open the mail while standing and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket each month.

Install a Whole House Meter

To find out exactly which appliance and activities are using the most electricity, have an electrician install a whole house meter. A whole house meter will give you a read out for everything plugged into electricity. You can purchase a device like a Kill A WattEZ Monitor which you plug into an electric outlet, then plug in an appliance and the device will give a digital readout of the amount of electricity being used.

To save the cost of an electrician or other electrical read out device, a DIY version is to install wireless smart plug strips that will cut the power supply off to certain appliances when they are not in use.

Replace the Energy Hog

That old dishwasher, dryer or stove may be an energy hog and would actually save you money in the long run if it was replaced with a new energy efficient model. New Energy-Star Certified appliances are cheaper to use than old energy hogs and use less electricity. Each new appliance will have an Energy Guide label on it telling how many killowatt hours it will likely use in a year’s time and how much it will cost to operate.

Full Loads Only

Wash only full loads of dirty dishes or clothes, and use cold water to wash clothes whenever possible. Skip the drying cycle on the dishwasher and allow dishes to air dry by opening the dishwasher door. Hang clothes on outdoor or indoor lines to dry instead of using the clothes dryer.

Keep Fridge and Freezer Full

A full refrigerator or freezer uses less electricity than a partially filled fridge or freezer. Once the food items are cold or frozen, they help maintain the internal temperature so the refrigerator or freezer runs less. Place jugs of water in a partially filled fridge or freezer to fill in dead air space when needed and make the appliance run more efficiently.

Replacement the Light Bulbs, Then Turn Them off

Replace the old style incandescent light bulbs with the more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. CFL bulbs can last up to 10 times longer and use less electricity.

Turn off lights, televisions and computers when not in use, also go a step farther and unplug everything possible so the appliance won’t use phantom electricity, which both wastes energy and increases electric bill.

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