LSU Tigers Beat Alabama Crimson Tide in ‘Biggest Game Ever’

In an epic matchup, two SEC titans played each other in a regular season matchup that is on the same level as a National Championship game. The number one ranked team, the LSU Tigers, played the number two ranked Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny stadium in Tuscaloosa.

LSU coach Les Miles commented on this game being referred to as the ‘Biggest Game Ever.’ He said, “I don’t know if I have been around a regular season game as hyped as this, but the reality of it is, this is an important game and we have to play and finish,” he said. “There are going to be other games. The idea that this is the last game or this is the game that really counts, that may or may not be true.”

Fans from either team will tell you that this game was by no means one-sided as these two great defensive teams went back and forth throughout the game with no actual touchdowns scored during this game. The final outcome was determined during the overtime period of the game. With the stakes this high, mistakes can be costly, and both teams must play perfect football.

Interesting Pre-Game Fact:
Only two head coaches in the history of the LSU Tigers have beat Alabama four times. Those coaches are the two matching up in this game: Nick Saban and Les Miles.

Regulation Gameplay
It played out as the Alabama Crimson Tide scored the first field goal, then LSU matched with a field goal. Then Alabama kicked another field goal, and then LSU matched it again. This back-and-forth scoring took place for the first three quarters. It is important to note that Alabama missed their first two field goals, and then the third one was blocked by LSU. It was not until their fourth kick that they actually put points on the scoreboard.

Interceptions were thrown by both Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, and LSU Tigers quarterback, Jarrett Lee, during the game.

Careless Foul
In the 4th Quarter, with less than 4:33 remaining in the game, Alabama player, D’Andre Kirkpatrick went down on the field, as LSU player #7, Tyrann Mathieu, made a selfish penalty, that cost LSU precious yardage that they could not afford to give up. The referees charged him with holding. In games like this, a team must play a perfect game if they want to win a game that has so much riding on the line. In this particular situation, the winner will undoubtedly win the SEC West and go on to play in the National Championship game.

Alabama wide receiver, Marquis Maze was also significantly injured during the game. It was unsure if he would return to play, but he did during the 4th Quarter, and the CBS cameramen captured Maze limping during play breaks, indicating that he is playing through the pain.

Overtime Play
In overtime, Alabama kicker Cade Foster attempted the first score with a long field goal, but it was missed. Then LSU player #42, Michael Ford ran the ball into the endzone. The touchdown was ruled no good because the referee found that he stepped out of bounds at the 7 yard line. After several more attempts to run the ball, LSU has one last chance to win the game and manage to score a field goal to win this epic battle of two great defensive teams in the SEC.

LSU will remain the number one team in the nation in this tough win in Tuscaloosa. This win for the LSU Tigers makes Les Miles the only LSU head coach to beat Alabama five times as they defeat the Crimson Tide, with a score of 9 – 6 in overtime play.

Les Miles: LSU-Alabama Biggest Game Ever?

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