The premise seemed kind of intriguing. What happens when a serial killer wins the lottery? Wacky hilarity ensues! Not. (Sure that’s a lame joke, but this is a lame movie.)

In “Lucky” a serial killer inadvertently wins the lottery. He then marries the girl of his dreams, who is clearly with him for the money. The question is: can he control his murderous side?

There was not a likeable character in this entire fiasco. Sure he’s a serial killer, but he’s also a huge wussy with a capital P. I think they wanted you to root for his gold-digging wife, but I wanted her to die way before they tied the knot. The only person I liked was Jeffrey Tambor and he looked as though he was sleepwalking through this garbage.

The movie picks up slightly towards the end. The only highlight was the ironic twist at the end; but believe me it’s not enough to save this poor excuse of a film.

Don’t waste your time on this movie. It’s unfunny, poorly acted, horribly written, and overall just bad.

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