Lust for M

Purple gown on top of her chest

Beautiful hair along her breast

Her curves of her body an architectural feat

The way she moves my heart slower to beat

Gaze of a lioness that’s ready to feast

Paralyzing my body fear of the beast

Controls my thoughts with a love so silent

Just to know that making love will be so violent

Her lips from heavens, heavens own

But with a hellish fiery luscious tone

Piercing through my blood a venomous spike

Like the rush of life from your fiery like

Skin turning to red, a rosy dye

Warming our body’s as we no longer divide

A hue of a scent across the air

Bursting through your sense your thoughts tare

Climactic to ends, up up and again

But her body moves away from the terrible sin

As leaving you’re alone to ponder the thoughts

Where has she gone the beauty you sought?

Just like before your phantoms dreams

Was she even real or another dream?

Falling to dark under no lighten sky’s

Your soul slows down, down ending to die.

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