LVN to RN Nursing Programs in Houston

Becoming an LVN can be an exciting step for any individual who aspires to become a licensed nurse. Most LVN nursing programs last no longer than one year and can be beneficial to one’s finances and career experience upon receiving an actual nursing position. The next step on the career ladder for a licensed vocational nurse is to become a registered nurse or RN. Houston offers time-friendly, affordable LVN to RN bridge programs at several two-year institutions.

Houston Community College
Houston Community College offers an assortment of health oriented programs certificates and degrees at Coleman College for Health Sciences. This sector of HCC’s system is designed to specifically offer medically related areas of study, including an LVN to RN bridge program. In 2008, HCC’s nursing department was recognized by the Texas State Board of Nurses for its passing rate of 94.4.The program is structured to be taught over a course of three semesters and prepare students for NCLEX testing to achieve RN status. Applicants much be accepted into Coleman College and meet all requirements for the LVN to RN bridge program which include graduation for an accredited LVN program and satisfactory academic progress. Coleman College is situated in the Texas Medical Center where HCC students have the opportunity to complete state required clinical rotations at some of Houston’s most profound medical institutions.

Lone Star Community College
The Lone Star College LVN to RN Articulation Program is offered to students who already hold an LVN or paramedic certification. The three-semester, full-time program prepares students for state testing and necessary career skills through day time face-to-face instruction and hospital clinical rotations. Pre-admission requirements include but are not limited to immunizations, CPR certification and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all college level courses. The LVN and paramedic bridge program is available at various Lone Star campuses including Lone Star Cyfair, Lone Star North Harris, Lone Star Montgomery, and Lone Star Tomball.

San Jacinto Community College
San Jacinto Community College is the newest of Houston’s two-year institution to offer a transition program for current LVNs to become registered nurses. Students who complete the LVN/Paramedic to RN Mobility Program, which is offered over a course of three full terms, will be readied to take the NCLEX-RN Exam for state licensure.

How competitive is the application process for these programs?

Obviously, it’s much easier to get accepted into a community college’s nursing program in comparison to a four-year BSN nursing program at a university. But remember, applying for entry into most nursing programs will be competitive on all levels. Licensed vocational nurses should be prepared to show proof of licensure, satisfactory college transcripts and passing scores on prerequisites and entrance examinations. Attendance to the school’s nursing information session and completion of Hep-B vaccinations and a negative TB Skin Test are required at all Houston LVN to RN nursing schools.

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