Macbook Air Review – Good or Great?

How can I have a love-hate relationship with a laptop? I got that feeling when I bough my very own Macbook Air. The Macbook Air has got to be one of the most functional laptops of 2011. Alas, here is a laptop that has a gorgeous display and clear, crisp, vivid pictures I have ever seen in a laptop. But just because it is made by Apple doesn’t mean it’s great. Every great person has a flaw, same goes for great laptops. Not everything can be perfect. Here are my pros and cons:


The Macbook Air looks beautiful. The slim, sleek design has a great effect on how good the laptop is. With an easy to use operating system the Macbook Air has plenty of pros. One of the things I like most about the laptop was the track pad. It was truly like holding a magic wand and with the touch of your fingers you cast spells and create the wonders of the world. Battery life. You never have enough, right? No longer will you have to worry. The laptop lasts me all day every day. I use it all the time and it never seems to run out of juice. Now that’s what I call amazing. Video chat. Video chat is now becoming as common as texting. With the built in camera it is simple to use and fun for the entire family. Another one of the glorious features of the Macbook Air, like I mentioned before, is the operating system. It is a magnificent feat. I have never experienced something so easy to learn like Apple’s OS X Lion. Plus, you never get viruses. You will never have to deal with stupid spyware again! The simplicity and the elegance of the modern design truly does make the Macbook Air an elegant and easy to use laptop of the century.


The price. Why would I want to pay $1000 dollars for a laptop that can’t even get Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ect.) on it! I could pay half that price and keep some money in my pocket for the family and kids. So the big question with this one is good looks or extra money. I’ll take the extra money if you don’t mind and just go with a Sony laptop. There’s another big problem too, no Microsoft. I know how to use Microsoft Office programs quite well, but when I get an Apple laptop you’re telling me that I have to learn how to use Apple’s writing program and Apple’s presentation program and Apple’s spreadsheet program! Well I think not. That is one of Apple’s biggest flaws. And last but not least the Macbook Air has no CD insert compartment. Surely a $1000 dollar laptop will have a place for me to put in a CD and burn some songs onto it. I was disappointed with the lack of compartments for technical plugs too. Apple’s got the design but they don’t always have the features.

I am hoping that in the future that Apple will produce a new generation of laptops. Ones that are compatible with Microsoft and have CD drives. Ones that are cheaper and that can be used in the everyday household and maybe in schools. Ones that can be used without worry and ones that can be used the first time you touch them and there is no longer a need for manuals. Apple only has a few things to do to make the best laptop this planet has ever seen and they are only a few steps away from doing so.

But, overall the Macbook Air is a great laptop. Considering the cons and the hefty price I did find it all worth it. It is my favorite laptop I have every owned and is in my personal top ten. I use my laptop every day and love the experience every time. It was a great investment and I found that it’s better to not sweat the small stuff.

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