Magazine Lovers & Subscribers, Be Creative, Save Money & Go Green

Whether you are a magazine hoarder, subscriber, lover, or every now-and-then buyer, this article has helpful tips on saving money, sustaining the environment and being creative with magazines. Take note and pass along these awesome ideas to anyone who owns a magazine, everyone!

1. Internet v. Hard Copy

Are you dishing out extra money for a magazine subscription when the magazine has a website? Stop spending money for magazine subscriptions when you are paying for Internet service that allows you to view the magazine online. A one-year subscription for 12 issues of Vogue costs $15, two years for 24 issues cost $28, and three years for 36 issue cost $40. Magazine subscribers could easily get the same information and see the same pictures on the Internet.

2. Magazine Lovers who Subscribe to It

Some magazine lovers prefer a tangible item they can hold. They prefer to flip through pages instead of clicking links on a website. If you prefer a hard copy magazine, it is better to subscribe to the magazine and not purchase copies at your local grocery store every other month. Subscribing to your favorite magazine instead of paying the retail price here and there will save you a substantial amount of money. Let’s say the cost of one magazine is $5.99 without sales tax. If you buy this magazine three times at the store, you have already dished out around $18. You just missed out on nine issues that a one-year subscription could have got you for about $3 less if the subscription was 12 issues for $15.

3. Swap & Trade Magazine

Most magazine lovers have multiple magazines in their mailbox. Those who get the 36 issues of Vogue for $40 probably get similar magazines like InStyle or Elle. Assuming their prices were similar, one could spend $120 for the three magazines. If this is you, you should consider pairing up with a neighbor or family member who subscribes to your favorite magazines. You could get the one-year subscription of Vogue and your best friend could order InStyle. When you are finished reading the magazine, swap with him or her and watch how much money you will save.

4. Hidden Treasures in Magazines

Many perfume designers advertise their newest fragrance in magazines. Magazine lovers can save money by using the samples inside the magazines. Using the samples from the magazine will delay the duration of time you have to replenish your supply. Doing this will also save you a few bucks here and there, or maybe a lot.

Wearing the perfume samples from magazines also saves subscribers money since they get to try a fragrance before they buy it from a store and end up not liking it. If the store doesn’t allow returns, you could be out of $50 for the bottle of perfume, plus the gas money it takes to drive back to the store for the return.

Magazines also contain sweepstakes, contests, etc. This is a perk for the lucky person who actually wins the prize offered. If you win a free vacation or paid trip to your favorite talk show, you are good to go! Also, it is probably safer to enter contests, drawings and sweepstakes through magazines than the Internet due to all the scams that are lurking around.

5. Recycling Magazines: How & Why?

Never throw away your old magazines. Give them to someone who would enjoy them. Businesses with waiting rooms always have magazines and newspapers for clients to read. Do not think that people only want up-to-date magazines. This is false. Some folks would be very grateful to browse through your old magazines, no matter what the date is on the front cover.

Magazines can also be used for cleaning. Whip out your Windex and some old magazines and get to work on those windows.

You can also use your old magazines for house dog potty training. Instead of buying training pads from the store, save money by training your pet to potty on magazine pages you lay out for him.

According to an article by Patrick Hills, Paper Recycling – How Does it Help Our Environment, manufacturing paper puts a huge burden on the environment due to the amount of trees that have to constantly be cut down to prepare the raw material for making paper. Paper recycling also prevents water and air pollution, according to Hill. Following these tips will help sustain a healthy environment.

6. Crafty Ideas for the Artsy Magazine Lover

Do not throw away your magazines. Remember, “Go Green!” Use your old magazines for arts and crafts. Some people make trash cans and purses out of magazine clippings. A common arts and crafts idea for magazine reuse is to make a collage. Cut out pictures, words and cool quotes from your favorite magazine and create a collage to hang in your room or locker. Clippings, pictures and words can also be used to make a trash can, storage bin, bag, or anything you desire. Numerous sites and YouTube videos are available with step-by-step instructions and tutorials on “how-tos” for making these cool items with your magazines. One blog that contains instructions with pictures of the trash bin is on Craftlover on BlogSpot.

7. Exercising the Mind through Magazine Reading

Whenever you have a sudden urge to go spend money for no reason, whip out a magazine. Reading a magazine will help you kill time. Get on the floor and stretch, or do yoga while you read magazine articles. Magazine lovers can also exercise their mind by reading articles they normally would not. This enhances vocabulary and expands knowledge by learning topics you otherwise would not.

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