Magnetic Spice Rack for a Small Kitchen

I once lived in a house with very little counter top space in the kitchen. Wow, was it hard to cope with that! I could only put two things on the counter at a time, like the toaster and the coffee maker. There was no room for a counter top spice rack so I looked to my kitchen walls for help. When you store your spices on a wall in the kitchen, you get them organized, and save precious counter space. There are various ways to make a magnetic organizer for the kitchen; just choose the one that’s perfect for you.

It’s easy to make a magnetic wall arrangement for your spices. One way to do this is to purchase a bar magnet from a large home improvement store. The magnet generally will have a hole for hanging it on a wall. Just drive a nail, hang the bar – vertically or horizontally – and you’re ready to hang the spices. Fill up metal tins, label them, and stick them to the bar magnet. One magnet won’t hold a whole lot of tins so it might be necessary to hang two or more.

Metal flashing, meant to seal off chimneys or other roof elements, is easy to cut and hang. The flashing can help you turn any ordinary wall area into a magnetic version. Cut the flashing with tin snips, using thick gloves as you do so. Simple, double-sided tape can help you hang the metal quickly. Just apply the tape to the backside, around the perimeter, and stick the flashing to a clean wall. After the metal flashing is in place, fill and label metal tins to hold the spices.

Craft stores sell peel-n-stick, magnetic sheeting and that’s what will help you hang the tins. Set a tin on the magnetic sheeting, draw around it, then cut out the shape. Peel and stick the magnet to the bottom of the tin. Now you can simply stick the magnetic spice tin to the metal holder. If you have no magnetic sheeting you can also use button magnets.

When you cook a lot, but you have very little counter space, it can be a real bother to get spices in and out of cupboards. With a metallic spice rack, you can hang them right on the wall, or even on the refrigerator. You’ll now have even more fun cooking, than you were before, because your spices are right at hand.

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