Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President that the West Should Listen To


Yours truly received countless e-mails of what any member of the Council for Disease Control may call sick, non-sense but still sick garbage dump. The crime: give credit to Mr. Mahmoud ‘Taboo’ Ahmadinejad.
Well, ‘I’m back, baby.”

His recent address to the (pseudo) United Nations, –for those who do not follow the UN’s Assemblies shame on you–President Ahmadinejad had his oft-repeated intercourse with the West and in return the west outer-coursed him as usual. They got out of f*****g Dodge that is.

Now, it has to be said that it is customary for the Western delegates not to show up at the Assembly. But the two or three that mistakenly show up that day walkout on Mr. Ahmadinejad pretending they had to go to shift their guts out. But what they wanted was avoid listen to the ‘Zion-hater-anti-Semitic’ mother flicker.

The Iran President is open on his critics to the Western imperialism, the obvious fail of the Western-masterminded economic system, and the cynical use of the Holocaust as a prove of the prosecution and the savagery of some rogue sates.

Whether he is sincere is a question that yours truly can not answer. If he is a lunatic and suffer of delusion is something we all want to know, won’t you? But the same West that hates him so much has little or zero arguments to refute his ‘ridiculous insults’. The West depicts him as a vile Deimos, but still can find the way to get rid of him in a politically correct manner. Is it because he is right?

Why we, the onlookers, must hate him? You, my two readers, tell me just one reason why we should avoid him like the plague? Is there any prove that he is a shaman and will enchant us with his diabolic Voodoo?

All I can say is that he is outspoken, resolute, sometimes honky donkey but not scrappy. He seems to me the very face of Professor that chooses not to teach, but to go and bother every single person he meets just for the fun of it. But a demon? Why? Because he asks the ‘yes, Sir’ bunch to question why give more importance to five or six million dead when the dead toll in the Second World World was way over thirty million people?

Even now with all the iPods, Internet, Facebook, Tweeter, and etc., we are still short to understand the importance of human life. And we decide to turn away when somebody asks questions that some others are incapable or do not want to hear about. I would also say that the West sincerity has flaws the size of Dr. Jekyll, and the Axis of Evil states sincerity has flaws the size of Mr. Hyde. They are not equal, but they are the same.

For the peace of our conscience I would say yet again that we must listen to all sides, even to the cynical and unfair. How would we know that they are cynical or unfair if we never listen to them? And if the West asks not to pay attention to false, then we should consider the West reasons to be fussy with opponents. We have to challenge anybody whose reasons are obscure and lack definition. Of course that includes Mr. Ahmadinejad and his Western enemies.

And to the UN Assembly Western delegates a loud boo for not going to work, and a cyber kick in the arse for the lack of courage to listen, refute if necessary, and prove wrong or right the arguments of a single man that has more balls than they ever dream to have.

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