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I can’t believe what is happening in our country. The so called “brains” and powers to be, are so far out of touch with us, the American people that it’s almost as if we are speaking different languages. while they say “we know how you feel” and “we are with you”, I am watching another one of the families in my neighborhood lose their home.

Now, once again with the upcoming elections, the candidates are all talking about what their parents did, and how they feel our pain. They are oblivious to the fact that we don’t want to hear about what their parents did.just the same as we don’t care what Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents did. They were not responsible for his actions as a serial killer. It has nothing to do with the real issues at hand, what are you going to do about this train wreck of an economy, our national security, and the kids in my state that are starving? That’s not to say that they shouldn’t care what their parents did, it simply means we don’t want that being the hottest topic in the debate. Instead of non stop hot air, we want actual answers to the simple question everyone is asked when running for any public office. “what do you plan to do to serve the people, and get our economy and national security in check”?

Although candidates seem to say one thing and do another, resulting in damage to our economy, and our lives in general, we need to remember who we are, and where we came from. Never give in to name calling and or anger. Never let the soul beliefs that made us who we are slip away. we are a great nation of people and just because the candidates seem to be out of touch at times, We need to remember that our personal situations all vary, if you expect someone to care about you when things get tough, your going to have to do your part and start caring about the others that are already in turmoil. This does not mean you have to give away all your hard earned money to charity. However, you should at least pay closer attention to the people in your community and if and when you can make a difference, you should do so. We seem to have gotten lost within the stress and fear of these tough times and our own personal problems. I can assure you that you will feel good about helping your community. That feeling helps to lower stress in your life which is payback on it’s own, however this is only a small reward compared to the end result.

We as a community can make real changes and the time is now!

Looking back, I remember seniors telling me “this generation is lazy” I would laugh, and say in return, “your just mad because we know how to have fun, and have come further than you with technology”. However, now I can see that they had a good point. I don’t think we are a lazy generation, but I can see that we are starting to lose our way, and that it really is possible to listen to them and continue to apply their knowledge to our new ventures in life and our futures. They are responsible for where we are now and often do not get the credit they deserve.

The previous generation did not have the technology we have now, as I mentioned, but what they did have was a life, and never forget that they spent it on our futures! Now it’s our turn. let’s try our best as a community to set our own wants aside and try to make a difference in someone else’s life for a change. I do not have all the answers, and wish I did. Thankfully each of us does have at least some of the answers and combined effort will help to one day bring all of the answers forward we desperately need.

Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking and not much more, right? Not true! It does not have to take a tragedy like the one that happened on 9/11 to bring us together. However, that was the time during my generation that proved to me once and for all, that when the time comes, we can, and will pull together as a team. In these tough times, we need to keep that feeling alive, and truly stand together, both citizens, as well as leaders of our government on both sides of the aisle.

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