Mental Illness as Physical Illness

Mental illnesses are physical illnesses. It is the drug companies and mainstream psychiatry that invent names for the mental illnesses that they treat. The more illnesses that they invent the more money they make out of patient’s compliance to medications that do more harm than good. Even if the patient’s symptoms stop because of the medication the medication only controls the symptoms and not the root cause of the symptoms. As a consequence one must take these medications for a life-time. But, this isn’t the only way to treat mental illnesses that are really physical illnesses. There are natural alternatives to these medicines and these natural alternatives are inexpensive and easy to access. All of the vitamins, herbs, and minerals can be accessed in a local pharmacy, but the only thing one needs to do to get off the medication is to see a natural doctor that doesn’t use dangerous mind altering medication to treat and correct symptoms, Instead, natural doctors use natural medicine like herbs and other methods that treat the root problem or cause of the illness and in a sense allow the body to cure itself. When the body is starving of a nutrient one must feed it appropriately and when one does that the body can repair itself when given the right amount of nutrition.
The dangerous chemicals found in psychotropic drugs were meant to be a chemical lobotomy that didn’t require surgery. In other words, a brain changing substance that shuts down the nervous system and bypass natural defenses in the brain allowing the medication to change brain chemistry in a person. Psychiatrists assert that ill people have a chemical imbalance, but there is no empirical proof of this in any scientific paper, or research. The only chemical imbalance is the one caused by taking psychotropic drugs. It is more difficult to come off these medications because of the body’s dependence to it. To withdraw properly one must reduce intake of these medications slowly with the help and supervision of a natural doctor.
Everybody has a different individual biochemical makeup that needs different lines of natural treatment. This is why it is important to have a doctor who can monitor blood sugar levels, and do all kinds of tests to find the root cause of one’s mental illness which stems from a physical imbalance of substance. One cannot treat a huge amount of population with one treatment, or one medication. It is better if one sees a doctor who practices natural medicine and who can actually heal people in the long run. I hope, that more people wake up and stop supporting the pharmaceutical companies and receive treatment from natural doctors.

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