Michael Jackson

He was sitting on the top of the world, but lonely and scared, with no real friends, or anyone to trust, at least, anyone trustworthy. Loved by millions and millions, followers in every corner of the planet; influenced modern music like no one else, and all he wanted in return was to be understood, perhaps cared for. Instead, he was judged, prosecuted, and found guilty without even placing a foot in court.

We are a society that is a sucker for the underdog. We love success stories and the people that protagonist them. However, as soon as they make a mistake or something they do is misunderstood and taken out of proportion by the media, we jump to conclusions and find them guilty as charged. We tend to forget that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

This man dedicated his life to his fans, and to entertaining and making people happy. He also worried about children, as he was one at heart. Not having a normal childhood made him a man with lots of flaws, as we all have. The difference is that on the usual, we can escape the environment that surrounds the traumatic event. In his case, he could not, as his relatives kept coming after his money.

When he needed a friend, no one extended a hand. When he needed a counselor, people saw an opportunity to profit. It came from every corner: media, doctors, lawyers, and even relatives. Against the wall, not being able to get “Off the Wall,” the poor guy ended up not sleeping and with anxiety.

It is too late now to save him. The ones who could do something about it failed to do it. All there is left is regret and the wish of having the best performer ever known to man back with us. Perhaps, this time, to appreciate what he wanted to do for others, enjoy his music, and leave his personal life out of the equation. After all, he was a performer not a saint.

Whether the doctor had something to do with his death or not, we do not know, however, the punishment for his negligence is up to the jury.

May the King of Pop rest in peace and his music last for generations.

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