Michelle Duggar is Pregnant with 20th Child – What About the Other 19?

COMMENTARY | As reported on the Today show Tuesday morning, Michelle Duggar, the famous mother of 19 kids (and counting), announced that she and her husband, Jim Bob, are expecting their 20th child. This pregnancy announcement comes just two years after Michelle was forced to deliver her 19th child, Josie, 3 1/2 months early due to potential pregnancy complications after Michelle was diagnosed with preeclampsia, and suffered from gallbladder problems. Michelle revealed on the Today Show that this is longest time span they have had between pregnancies, and that they are excited that they will be welcoming a new baby Duggar into the already sizable Duggar household:

Despite the health problems Michelle experienced with her last pregnancy, her doctors have given her a thumbs-up about the subsequent pregnancy. Michelle told Today that she has been working out on her new elliptical machine five or six days a week.

“I’m really in better shape than I’ve been in 20 years,” Michelle exclaimed.

It’s great that Michelle and Jim Bob choose not to use birth control for contraceptives. As a Catholic, I can’t really argue with that, but since Michelle is 45 years old and has had 19 pregnancies already, she should consider a natural family plan to protect herself from further complications. After the age of 45 years old, women are at a higher risk of complications from pregnancy, so they must exercise caution if they choose to have a baby.

Michelle’s risk of complication at her age is greater than the average woman because she has already had 19 babies and God forbid, if something should happen to her with her 20th pregnancy, what about her 19 children? Everyone is so caught up with Michelle Duggar’s pregnancies, but what about Michelle Duggar’s children? Those children deserve a mother who is going to devote enough time to meet each of their needs, and one who is going to be around to watch them grow up.

While I feel that Michelle Duggar is pushing her body too hard with a 20th baby, nonetheless, I wish her a healthy, happy pregnancy!

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