Military Forced to Cheer for Obama

My good friend and fellow Yahoo! contributor Todd Kinsey recently posted a video on his personal blog ( showing a military audience being ordered to cheer for Obama after he was introduced by a high ranking naval officer.

I have heard that the military felt the same hatred towards Clinton, and why wouldn’t they; Clinton downsized the military and created loopholes where members could get out early (or out of contracts entirely) without doing their proper time. This is aside from making a joke out of our highest office (Lewinsky scandal), why would anyone in uniform support him?

Servicemen and women enlist in our military to support not just the US boarders, but our American system that the founding fathers created. The brave members of our military put their lives in jeopardy to uphold the constitution and our promise of freedom, ideas so many of their brothers and sisters in arms have died to protect.

So why does the military hate Obama?

I tend to think one of the reasons why the military hates Obama is because he is a socialist who doesn’t believe in freedom. He is fighting against what America stands for, and who we are. Obama is an enemy to our military, because he is an enemy of freedom.

Why protect freedom overseas when we are struggling to protect freedom within our own borders? Obama being hosted by the military is like hosting Derek Jeter at Fenway Park; they may be associated because of their profession, but they hate each other.

It is not hard to understand why the military has to be ordered to cheer for Obama.

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