Mini Bass Boats : the Best Small Fishing Boat

So, have you ever heard of a mini bass boat? There are many types of mini bass boats on the market from small plastic two man boats that can be equipped with a small electric motor to inflatable single person pontoon boats that are propelled with a pair of oars. When it comes to a small fishing boat that can be used as a mini bass boat in this article I will outline two very effective and useful small fishing boat choices.

Either of these choices would make an excellent choice as far as mini bass boats are concerned and are effective in many different types of fishing situations. Whether you fish in a lake or pond or a small, medium, or even large river one of the following small fishing boat choices should fit your needs perfectly.

With that being said let’s get down to business, what do you say?

The Paddleski Fishing Boat – this small fishing boat is one of the more versatile small boats on the market. This watercraft is a “pontoon hybrid” that can be powered in four different ways. It can be paddled, sailed, motored, or even rowed and is easily one of the best mini bass boats that you will ever find. The only downfall to the Paddleski is that it is fairly small and only has enough room for one to two anglers to fish comfortably. The FoldCat Pontoon – As far as mini bass boats are concerned the FoldCat pontoon may be as good as it gets. This watercraft has features that you won’t find in ordinary pontoon boats. Its unique folding frame design assembles in less than five minutes and it has a “full floor” which makes it much more comfortable to fish from. It has a pair of 360 degree swivel seats and up to four rod holders for fishing. There is little doubt that when you talk about a small fishing boat for two to four anglers the FoldCat Pontoon is among the best.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a small watercraft for any type of fishing, whether you’re talking about bass fishing in a lake or pond, trolling your favorite lake for walleye, or even fishing for trout or salmon on a remote river one of the above small fishing boat choices are a great way to go.

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