Miniature Worlds

A world of pastels, tea and cigarettes. Grandma’ house, paper crackers and sugar.

A world geometric. Nature is perfection, it glistens mathematically.

A world of the city. Trashcans, beer bottles an ash-tray floors.

A world of the living dead. People wander by as robots and zombies.

A world of shadows. Invisible demons and sinister forces of the unkown.

A world unreal. Everything you touch fizzles and dissolves down to molecular form.

A world of neon. Manufactured black lights and natural arctic auroras.

A world of symbols. Everything has meaning, a number, a shape, a diluted purpose.

A world of innocence. Barbeque scents, board games, chalk on pavements, pinwheels.

A world lost. Paradise an Inferno at the same time.

A world primitive. Cowboys, Indians, survival of the fittest.

A world divided in two. Night and day. Dark and light. Heaven and hell. Right and wrong.

A world of grey. Nihilism. Nothing matters.

A world of literacy. College campuses, collared shirts, library scents, coffee black, egg white.

A world of dystopian. Corrupt governments, nuclear warfare, technology, blood.

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