Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Most Ridiculous Theories

America is riveted by the missing baby case of Lisa Irwin because there are so many possible scenarios, but some proposed explanations are just way off the charts. But hey, with all the psychos running amuck out there, perhaps what really happened to Lisa Irwin will turn out to be a most bizarre event-if the investigation ever solves this missing baby case. The following are theories about what could have happened to Lisa Irwin — offered up by the common public — certainly not by the investigators.

Lisa Irwin’s mother, Deborah Bradley, was having an affair and her lover took the baby. This is the general theory, but it has several sub-theories. One theory is that while Lisa Irwin’s father Jeremy was at work, Deborah Bradley had her lover over. She passed out and rolled onto the baby, accidentally suffocating her. The lover discovered this while Bradley was still asleep and disposed of the body. He then left before she awakened. Deborah Bradley was next awakened by Jeremy Irwin, and of course, has kept information about the affair a secret, believing that Lisa was actually abducted.

The man who was spotted walking near Lisa Irwin’s home, carrying a baby, is the actual intruder. There are several huge holes in this theory, yet at the same time, it’s tempting to believe that this strange man DID, in fact, kidnap the baby.

First, no matter how deranged a person is, let’s face it: Who would break into a house to steal a baby (nothing else besides the cell phones was reported stolen), but then remove the baby’s clothes, even though the next step was to be walking outside for several hours in the cold? If someone WAS this crazy, then this crazy person must have known that Jeremy was out that night, and must have chosen the exact time frame during which Deborah Bradley was passed out from drinking.

If someone actually DID break in and remove Lisa Irwin’s clothes, where are the clothes? Deborah Bradley has not reported that the baby’s clothes were left behind. Detectives confiscated purple shorts from the house, but not the purple top that the mother said she clothed the baby in. So where is the purple top? How well could an intruder have hidden Lisa’s top in the house?

Since the man was wearing a tee shirt, where were the three cell phones since his hands were occupied carrying a baby? Stuffed in his pant pockets? Or maybe he tossed them into the nearby brush? Searchers would have found unburied cell phones.

On the other hand, what are the odds that a man in only a tee shirt, carrying a naked baby in the middle of the night, would be spotted — twice — by different people, in the same vicinity, on the exact same morning that Lisa Irwin was reported missing?

But who kidnaps a baby and then walks around in the same vicinity carrying 20 pounds for at least four hours? And why didn’t the three witnesses to this think to call the police IMMEDIATELY to come out and question the man? Mike Thompson, the witness on a motorcycle coming home from work, could have tailed him to make sure the police found him. Even if Thompson didn’t have a cell phone, why didn’t he pull over to the nearest gas station and call the police? How far could the man carrying a baby have gotten by then?

The new mystery man in the gas station video exiting the woods, is somehow connected to the disappearance of Lisa Irwin, even though the image is too grainy to determine if he’s carrying a baby. Maybe this is some drunken dude who took a leak in the woods?

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/baby-lisa-irwin-surveillance-footage-mystery-man/story?id=14795844

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