Missing : Baby Lisa Irwin

In the early morning on October 4th the parents of Lisa Irwin found their 10 month old baby missing from her crib. The parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, seemed very cooperative during the initial investigation. They supplied over a dozen names of possible suspects and answered questions in the hopes of discovering where baby Lisa might be found. Unfortunately as the days drew on, their cooperation diminished.

By Thursday the police reported that Deborah had failed a lie detector test and that the parents were no longer openly answering questions or giving any new information that could lead them to their missing child. Deborah admitted to nothing and even claimed she was unaware of the results.

Ms. Bradley has denied any knowledge of her daughter’s whereabouts and her lack of cooperation at this point has turned investigators eyes on the mother herself. This is of course is not that unusual in child abductions. Oftentimes the parents are made suspects simply because of their relationship with the missing child, but Deborah’s attitude change has not helped the investigator’s opinions on her involvement.

The only clues so far are the missing cell phones which the parents insist were in the house the evening prior, and a window that has obvious signs of tampering. Neither of which have lead anywhere for the investigators. Their front door was also unlocked which was reportedly unusual for the couple, but again was not evidentiary in the search.

So far the two searches in a local landfill turned up no new clues and locals have not been able to offer much in the way of evidence pointing towards or away from Deborah Bradley. The father, Jeremy, however has an alibi for the evening as he was working at the time. According to reports the only people who were home on the evening of October 3rd was Deborah, her six year old son and Lisa.

The investigation will continue in the hopes of locating baby Lisa. In cases of infant abduction the child is usually located and so hopes are high that this tragedy will eventually have a happy ending. For now police are continuing their investigation with a normal approach and looking at any evidence or clues that may be provided from all angles.

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