Missiourians Ask for Help to Improve Levees

COMMENTARY | On the 18th of November, Missourians asked Congress to allow them funds in order to repair their damaged levees. The levees were badly damaged after the 2011 flooding. Congress has yet to respond, but most are realizing how our government is treating the small people, and are preparing to make cuts where they can in order to repair the levees. Missouri can not take any more flooding. If the levees are not fixed, when our flood season begins again the damage from it will be worse than ever.

The summer of 2011 produced record-breaking and uncontrollable flooding in Missouri and Arkansas. Many residents of these states house’s were underwater for months. As a resident of Arkansas, I remember driving into Missouri and seeing the houses that were close to the lake submerged in water. Also, some of Missouri’s farmland was flooded as well, making it hard for local farmers, and they can not live without their income another year. Imagine just now getting your life back in order after Mother Nature swept away everything that you own, and needing help to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. However, some Missourians are preparing to start the flood season with the levees the way they are.

Right now, it looks like Plan B is to take the money out of the wildlife budget, money currently used to purchase land for endangered wildlife species. Missouri, like other states, has many wildlife habitats/museums. If we use the money to do this, then we would potentially be rejecting a home for some of God’s most beautiful creations. However, if we don’t do it, and then we don’t get the money at all, then we won’t have to worry about it because neither wildlife or Missouri residents won’t have homes.

I have seen this flooding firsthand, and I know how bad it got. If Congress doesn’t give the Missouri people the help they need and the levees aren’t fixed, then Missourians will fall into their own depression. Branson, Kansas City and St. Louis are just a few cities that bring a lot of tourists every year. If Missouri is devastated by flooding again, then I fear that there won’t be any town to attract.

Sources: www.msnbc.com

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