Mitt Romney and the Christians

The Republicans have started another religious war among themselves. The true believers say the front runner; Mitt Romney is not a Christian, but a Mormon. The claim is that Mormonism is a cult, not even a legitimate branch of the “true” church. But from my own reading of the Book of Mormon, done several years ago, it is clear that the founder, Joseph Smith, felt he was commissioned by God to rewrite scriptures and establish the true church of Jesus Christ. After all they are called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You can’t get more Christian than that. Of course the Mormon is also a butterfly. Perhaps that is the part which is not Christian.

In the early 1820s, Smith said he saw visions, in some of which he said an angel (Maroni) directed him to a buried book of golden plates inscribed with a Christian history in ancient American civilizations. In 1830, he published the Book of Mormon. He said that it was an English translation of these same plates. He went on to organize the Mormon Church. In 1847 the church moved to Utah, which was not a state at that time, because the states outlawed polygamy. In order for Utah to become a state they had to renounce polygamy. Subsets of the church practice polygamy to this day. Perhaps that’s what the other Christians hold against them.

During his first run for the presidency in 2007, Mitt Romney had to give a speech on religion. The Christian right would not vote for him in the Republican primaries. In his speech he said: “…I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause…” Naturally that is a bald face lie. He is bound and compelled to serve one group and that is the overlords who own most of this country’s economy. He also has to serve the cause of keeping the very wealthy from paying any taxes. After that he will serve the people who elected him.

So what is the pseudo religious war is all about? All of those who are vying for the chance to run against President Obama next November owe their allegiance to the one power MONEY. It truly does not matter what god they say they pray to, the only god they serve is money. If their various stances are examined, they amount to the one stance; make the rich richer, and soak the working class by dismantling the safety net that has served Americans for the past seventy-five years. On their way, they would abolish unions, make public employees pay more for any benefits they get, close public schools and allow the bankers to charge you as much as possible for handling your money.

Let the republicans fight among themselves and tear one another apart. That will help President Obama and his campaign does not have to spend energy defining the ultimate candidate. Those in the belt way media salivate over the obvious dysfunction as they refuse to pay attention to the real issue the American People want jobs. The conversation about jobs is so shallow and no one is paying attention to the chatter of talking heads.

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