Mixed Messages Sent with Bad Weather Warnings

Have you ever noticed how some reporters send mixed messages with bad weather reporting? Hmmm….

a poem, inspired by hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, hail, snow storms, and TV news requests.

Everyone go outside!
Let’s report on the storm!
Amateurs wanted!
But of this be warned!
Phone in with a call
About road conditions!
(Travel’s not advised,
Unless wanting perdition)
We want your videos!
As outside it gets worse
(But don’t go near windows)
Rush to send in yours first!
Got epic weather pics?
If you’ve got power
(They said on TV)
Come back to the computer,
If you can make it kids,
Your best bad weather pics, tweets, and vids
Are waiting to be seen;
Such convoluted wording
Comes with Hurricane Irene.

Rain pouring down
with lightening is frightening
there’s a reason for that:
you won’t be protected
with just a rain hat.
So stay safe inside
where it’s warm and dry.
Do you want extreme memories
or to come out alive?
Photographs can wait
until other times
to be filled with rainbows
and warm sunshine.

And really,
wouldn’t you rather instead
of unpaid, amateur reporting
to just stay safe in bed?

like all of my poems and articles on AC,
Copyright: needle felted dogs

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