MLB Must Be Used to Prevent Crime and Decrease the Prison Population

The New York Giants defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series for second consecutive season. After winning pennants in 1921 and 1922, each year ended on a disappointing note for the Yankees.

However, the 1922 World Series provided a positive note for all Americans.

John A. Heydler, President of the National League revealed that, according to a Washington criminologist, there had been almost no crime in the country during the World Series.

“So many minds were centered upon the battle between the clubs,” Heydler told a meeting of baseball moguls at an Atlantic City meeting, “that no time could be found for mischief.

“All we have to do is recall the thousands of people who stood before scoreboards in every city, town, and hamlet while the Series was in progress.”

The National League president pointed out that Sunday baseball, which had been banned for many years, increased church attendance because, he claimed, individuals who can find amusement in the afternoon will attend church in the morning. “

This brings us to crimel in the 21st century. The United States has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet it has almost 25 percent of the prison population, which calculates to about 2.3 million “criminals.”

The answer is simple, based upon Heydler’s information which, although outdated, still is valid.

Before it is pointed out that baseball attendance is at an all-time high and that television ratings are good, one must realize that America’s population in 1923 was a little more that 100 million. Today, it is over 300 million.

A vast number of Americans do not attend baseball games or even view them on large screen, high definition televisions. That is unacceptable.

Americans are willing to sacrifice individual choices and rights for the general good. They willing submit to searches at airports, train and subway stations Highway checkpoints are common and at all entertainment venues, including ballparks, Americans are happy that they must prove their innocence.

It is obvious that Americans don’t believe Benjamin Franklin’s statement that “He who would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will lose both and deserve neither.”

It is a small step to implement John Hedler’s solution. All Americans should be given vouchers to attend baseball games.

Attendance at most Sunday games would be mandatory.. Baseball teams would be required to keep a record of all vouchers received and the data would be sent to the government.

At home, program recording devices that track what is being recorded and watched will help ensure compliance.

Citizens who failed to use their vouchers would be taxed. It is similar to the current White House resident’s health care law which taxes those foolish individuals that refuse to purchase health insurance.

The above is merely a start.

Football is a wonderful game, but it glorifies violence. Thankfully, there are fewer professional and college football games played each year than baseball games. There is a glaring need for Americans, especially those with criminal records, to stay home to watch football.

An even better option is to encourage individuals who thrive on football’s violence to watch baseball games beamed in from winter leagues during the football season.

A forgotten gathering in Atlantic City many years ago by a baseball pioneer may help to decrease our prison population. It is certainly worth a try.


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