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New York City is the epicenter for sports and entertainment. On an annual basis New York hosts a plethora of events that are seen world wide by tourists and residents. Everything you want or need can be found in New York city. Well almost anything: You cannot find an MMM event or more specifically a UFC event anywhere.

The UFC has taken center stage in the fight world and is currently the fastest growing sport on the planet. While New York has produced some legendary boxing matches and sanctions sports such as kickboxing, muy thai, wrestling, jujitsu, it does not sanction MMA. Why? Because local politicians say it is a dangerous and violent sport that is like cockfighting.

Let’s take a look at the facts and see how ignorant the local politicians are:

UFC is not nearly as dangerous as boxing. In boxing your head is pounded for close to 45 minutes in a 12 round fight, whereas UFC fighter can be knocked out with 1 punch or forced to tap due to a submission. The ramifications of any post injuries are much less severe than boxing. A quick knockout has been factually proven to be much safer than having your brain beaten in round after round.

Politicians plead that MMA allows below the belt kicks. No, below the belt kicks are not legal, yes they can hit your hips, quads and all around the upper thigh area, but not in the groin neighborhood. This point is moot.

One government official describes the sport as “Humans fighting each other like murderous dogs.” Says one government official. So do NFL players tickle each other on the field? Is that why it is sanctioned? This point is also moot.

A UFC event will bring in millions in tax revenue, the local economy will grow, jobs will be produced, etc. The UFC is falling victim to local government regulations that prevents what the American Dream is all about, making a living and creating jobs.

There have been further articles and stating that the senate committee of New York has pushed the bill aside on numerous occasions. Are they ignoring the sport or do they have other pressing issues? It does not make sense to ignore a business that can generate millions in revenue for the state and city.

Jesse Holland from MMA Mania wrote that Lorenzo Fertitta and Madison Square Garden managers state that 2 UFC events would generate $16 million for the state. That is if they hold 1 event at the garden and the other in Buffalo. In my opinion, both events would generate close to $30 million.

Overall, New York State has been a symbol of ignorance and laziness when it comes to sanctioning MMA. They have yet to recognize the big picture and need to start seeing just how safe the sport is and paying more attention to the monetary value and entertainment factor.

When push comes to shove, I believe MMA will be approved and sanctioned in the state. It is the fastest growing sport in the world, FOX is now a partner and some of the biggest cities in the country and world fully embrace the sport. Everyone wins if MMA is sanctioned in New York.

Dana White knows that eventually the sport will pass legislature. It is all about teaching the state.

As White was quoted in the bleacher report, “To be honest, I’m not frustrated. I’m a little baffled. It’s an education process. I feel we have a good team here in New York and we’re going to get this thing done. The process is the same everywhere we go.”

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