Moammar Gaddafi Dead: Virgins as Bodyguards, Voluptuous Nurse Who Called Him “Daddy”

Moammar Gaddafi is dead and now a real look at his strange, perverse world is exposed. Gadhafi handpicked 40 women who were virgins to be his bodyguards. They sure weren’t present when the hated dictator was shot dead early Thursday morning. ABC News had the scoop on just how odd the Libyan ruler was. He had a voluptuous nurse who referred to him as either “Daddy” or “Papa.”

The Moammar bodyguards took a vow to remain virgins and protect him. The women, referred to as “Amazons,” wore elaborate uniforms, had on makeup, and donned high-heeled combat boots.

Galyna Kolotnytska, a Ukranian nurse who was at Gaddafi’s side a lot, was rumored to have been romantically involved with him. She was reported to be one of his closest aides from leaked cables. She wasn’t the only nurse he had on the side. Gadhafi supposedly had a handful of others as well.

In addition to all those strange details, Gadaffi had a huge crush on Condoleezza Rice. In 2008 he gave her $200,000 in gifts and it wasn’t realized how deep his infatuation for her was until his compound was stormed in Tripoli. An album created of Rice was uncovered with numerous photos.

As more is learned about the dead Libyan leader, there will be more disturbing developments about the life Gadhafi led behind closed doors. These are the lighter facts without a doubt.

Source: ABC News

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