Mobile Hotspot: What is It?

Need Internet availability on the go? Maybe you’re a student living on your own and can’t afford to pay for DSL? I’m willing to bet a mobile hotspot is the best option for you. The mobile hotspot will travel with you, and depending on your smartphone, you may be able to connect up to 10 different devices through your phone’s wireless signal. If this sounds like an option for you, read the following for more information.

Smartphones have taken over our lives. We have an app for everything, and our phones stand in for our PCs day in and day out. Many of us run our small businesses from the palm of our hand and run them efficiently I might add. Just as traditional landlines have begun to fade, for many the option of Broadband or wireless Internet has begun to fade as well. Most smartphones are designed to offer a feature called mobile hotspot.

Mobile hotspot is another great function which makes your phone more like a computer. The feature allows your smartphone to act as a modem. Most of the new Droid phones come with the mobile hotspot app preloaded. So what steps should you take to use this great feature?

Contact your cellphone provider and add the mobile hotspot feature to your plan. The addition of the feature does not require the extension of your contract and you can add and remove the feature as you need it. Be careful when adding and deleting paid features. Be sure to add and delete features as close to the beginning of your bill cycle as possible to avoid pro-rations. The mobile hotspot feature will offer an additional amount of usage. The usage associated with the mobile hotspot feature is in addition to your standard data plan. Your hotspot can be password protected and all smart phones provide the option to create a password upon hotspot set up. Once you’ve added the feature, if you have a Droid, simply tap the Mobile Hotspot app and follow the steps. Once connected laptops, tablets, game consoles and PCs will be able to connect to the Internet using your smartphone as a modem and its all wireless. If you have an iPhone, select your settings icon, choose general, followed by networks then turn on personal hotspot.

I use the mobile hotspot on my iPhone whenever I’m going to be in an area with no WI-FI. The speeds are slower than DSL, yet faster than dial up. The feature provides a dependable internet connection and it travels well, giving me Internet service everywhere I go as long as the network is available. If you are a student or a busy businessman or businesswoman, this service would be convenient, inexpensive and efficient for you.

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