Can’t give a gift;

Can’t send you flowers;

But our love has lived;

Through happy hours.

Some hard times too;

Have come our way;

But we still have each other on Mother’s Day.

It seems sometimes that I can see;

Right inside her heart.

And feel what she is thinking;

And then the tears start;

It seems she is remembering a baby on her knees.

A little hand and tiny face;

That now has changed to me.

It seems she is remembering;

The day when I was four;

And the time when I got lost;

When she sent me to the store.

It seems she keeps a’thinking;

Of my first day of school;

And the little joke I played on her;

Then hollered “April Fool.”

She’s got her memories locked up now;

She thinks she’s kidding me;

She thinks I needed her more then.

But that could never be;

I need her still to care for me;

To worry when I’m lost;

To laugh at my attempted jokes;

And help me pay the costs.

I love her still;

Yet all the more;

It grows with each new day.

And she should never doubt it;

For it is her to stay.

And when I take a look in her heart;

And see that baby there;

I pray that I’ll turn out as she planned;

And that she will always care.

Words can’t express the meanings;

Of the things I’d like to say;

To a mother who has been grand to me in every sort of way.

To a mother who has gone without;

And forfeited all thru life;

Who has had so little pleasure during all her steady strife.

I’m tongue-tied when it comes to words;

I hope she will understand;

But I do not know what I’d ever do;

If she were not at hand.

To me she is my every thing;

Is there any more I could say?

To show her that I love her;

And that I worship “Mother’s Day”.

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