Mommy Tips for Surviving Winter Boredom

I’m the mother of a 3-year-old boy who would rather jump off the kitchen table than sit down and color in his coloring book. He has to get outside and release some energy or he’ll literally rage war on my furniture (and my patience). So when winter rolls around, I have to get creative. Here’s how I’ve survived so far:

1.) Sign up for a sport

Luckily my local YMCA had sports for kids as young as 2. I signed my son up for indoor T-Ball and Basketball. I get so excited to see him in his little outfits! It’s a great way to get both of us out of the house and socializing. Plus he’s learning a skill. Be careful with the T-Ball though. After practice my son came home and used the broom as a baseball bat and begun to hit everything in sight…it wasn’t pretty.

2.) Section off the house

Create a quite space for coloring, writing or reading and an exercise space for jumping and dancing. Having dedicated spaces will allow your child to feel like a new event is taking place instead of doing everything in one room. Sometimes just the small change of a room can help beat boredom.

3.) Snuggle, Snuggle

When your child is sick or it’s a grey, cold day, snuggle up! Rent a movie or stream one from the internet, get under a blanket and just enjoy it. You can have them help you make some comfort food in the kitchen, like pumpkin bread or soup. Then go eat your meal in front of the tele. After that read from your child favorite book, followed by a nap…not a bad way to spend a winters day.

4.) Find indoor play groups

Many towns have indoor play areas or your local fast food place might have them as well. Get a group of your child’s friends together and meet at these locations. It gets them out of the house and interacting with other kids. I’d do this about once a week if possible.

5.) Deck the halls

With so many holidays in winter time from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years to Valentine’s Day you can really make winter time exciting for your child. Let them help you decorate for each event and let them see you getting excited for the holidays. The excitement will combat the boredom of winter time. And with all the holidays, winter time may turn into your child favorite season.

6.) Go outside!

It’s snow, not acid rain! Do most of the things you do in the summer…just put a coat on. Don’t make winter cold a bigger deal than it needs to be. Go sledding, make a snow angel or a snowman and enjoy it. The summer heat will be back before you know it!

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