Monthly Horoscope for September

Here’s September’s monthly horoscope:


Whether or not you’re in a serious frame of mind, there are responsibilities you can no longer ignore. You probably don’t have any choice about it, there are jobs you really need to get on with. Responsibilities are time-consuming and not always very exciting but they will eventually bring their just rewards.


If you are working with a group of people it might seem as if everyone’s on a different wave-length. This prevents you making any progress and eventually you might decide to get on with some jobs on your own. In all areas of your life if there are matters you would like to get through by the end of September, the best way, is to see to them yourself.


There may be a need to revise the household budget, probably in connection with new expenses. At work, new routines will be put into place. Some colleagues will have plenty reasons why they prefer some arrangements to remain as they are but those in positions of power aren’t listening. They’ve already made their minds up!


You’re waiting for someone to make a decision. You can’t get on until you know what they want to do. Why not send them a text, give them a call or remind them in an email? You’re keen to get on with plans you are currently making and you should do all you can to get others, too, to accept the need to get things moving.


Accept a social invitation and you will meet some fascinating people. An Aries, Libran or Sagittarius could share your same wavelength and you might hear of an interesting event that’s being arranged for later in the year.

Virgo –

You prefer to have everything planned down to the last detail and that’s how you can keep control of your life and feel more certain about future possibilities. Even so, it doesn’t matter how careful you’ve been to plan ahead and despite arrangements made in the past, the road you are on is about to take a surprising turn. Your future looks very interesting!


An expensive gift or extravagant gesture will delight friends or a loved one. Other people are grateful to have you as a friend but remember: you can’t buy love. Be yourself, be natural and enjoy your friendships without feeling as if you have to prove anything to anyone. Extravagance could leave you strapped for cash in the future so be wise and pause before making an impulsive and costly offer.


You’re seriously considering the present and the future. You might be wondering about the wisdom of making new starts. Since these are big plans, it could be you are starting to lay the foundations of the future. Not everyone will know what you are thinking about and it won’t be for a few months yet before you’re ready to officially launch this venture.


Circumstances might throw you into a position of leadership even if you hadn’t planned to take on so much responsibility. Before you know it, you will be comfortable in new roles. Your confidence shines. You can be assertive when you need to be and other people will be looking to you for advice and guidance.


You’re determined, trustworthy and responsible. These are the qualities your friends and colleagues have learned to trust and rely on. You will be adamant that you will reach a certain deadline or finish a job before the month is through. The results will exceed your expectations and surprise someone who didn’t realise you had it in you.


If your usual routine holds no appeal and you’re starting to grow bored with your usual commitments, starting a new hobby or doing something creative might be just the type of diversion you now need. Travel is also a great way to appease your restless spirit.


Since you won’t be the only person who will be affected by the choices and decisions that are being made this September you have to put more thought into them. You will be doing your best to consider everyone’s views, feelings, doubts and hopes before making long-term commitments of a joint nature.

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