Moorish Science Temple of America

We can agree that Law governs all events so on January 8th 2010 several temples agreed to unify to celebrate our prophets Birth Day in Newark New Jersey. The aims and objectives of this event is to restore the national standards of this nation one of them being fellowship and brotherly love, which we should have for one another. The Moorish Science Temple of America was manifested in Newark, New Jersey in the year 1913 AD under the name of the Old Canaanite Temple and being that Newark was the Birth place of the Government, in order to resurrect the spirit of the thought of this nation we have to go back to the foundation. There is only one Temple in this Nation and we understood that by celebrating together and spending time with one another and letting our children play with each other to get to know each other. Temple numbers are illusions to that fact that they only distinguish one another to better secure and accommodate the Asiatics of different territories, moorover to establish a line of communication between the Moorish American Society and the Government in which we live. According to the modern calendar a year has past and the Prophets Foundation Council has been meeting monthly to assure that 2011 would be another Grand success being held in Washington DC will bring us moors closer together in America and also in association with us, is the Moorish Holy Temple of Science having there annual celebration in Canaan Land aka Toronto, Canada and we are in full support of the works that are being done in that portion Egypt land by the moors that have courage enough for truth: Professor Drew stated that the European and other nations are helping me than why not you?. The Prophet celebration is being celebrated global and although we might not be physically be in the same location, we are one in spirit and as long as we vibrate on 7 we will join the Prophet Noble Drew Ali on January 8th on the soul plane. Moors we plea to you, ask yourself if the Prophet was in the human form today would you offer a gift to him on his day, and if the answer is yes than consider to bring him a gift that he has always asked for, which is the gifts of understanding self. Futhermoor, knowing oneself is understanding that no man lives onto himself therefore we are bound by cord to one another. Each man represents a reflection of the other and by uniting physically it is symbolic of uniting spiritually and this is truly the uniting of Asia. This is a new era of time now and unity hall is wherever the prophets foundation deems it necessary to meet. Let your presence be your presents in the essence. Divinely prepared by the Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America #10, Grand Sheik Nature El Bey.
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