More Halloween Costumes with Ideas for 2011

‘Tis the American season on this new year of 2011 in giving thanks to the costume bunnies who put their “all” in Halloween. For without you the month of October would remain chillier than September, warmer than winter, and filled with costumes a b-rated movie wouldn’t touch. Halloween can be an extremely fun exit to Rock-tober. And one that would be missed by Halloween lovers and Ozzy fans should it not exist. Instead of plucking off Halloween’s killer instinct let’s rejoice with these 2011 Halloween ideas with a phrase heard often during 2010 Halloween.

“Another bum. Really?”

Zombies ‘R Us!

The world wouldn’t be the same without zombies. Zombies have been roaming our entertainment circuit for decades (and then some). Voodoo and zombies were noted by villagers a time or two in Haiti. A zombie rocks. Literally. Just ask Rob. To look and act like a zombie, most can agree, would be an interesting and a fun costume get up for Halloween. Now, let’s get zombie busy!

Zombie gear and characteristics centers on make-up, skin, blood detail, torn clothing, bad posture, and poor zombie balance. A real go getter – for a mortician.

Zombies flesh is dead. Dead I tell ya – dead! Giving your skin that off gray, tint of green, blueish topped with white powder look can be half the photo fun. Don’t think drop dead gorgeous. Think drop dead.

Walk The Zombie Line

Zombies walk, stumble, fall and whatever it takes to look like they have the transport mobility of a two year old. Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down kid. Shoes can be any type of comfortable costume matching pair.

Zombies speed can bring debate. Fast or slow? Some believe zombies are speed demons wired to just randomly ping everything at reach with spastic flesh on sticks (otherwise known as legs and arms – limbs). Others trust their gut instincts, and movies, when it comes to zombie speed. Most movies portray zombies as dragged out sluggish attention deficit flesh eating morons who reach top speeds of 1 mph.

Picture this. Imagine a twenty pound weight wrapped around your ankle as you walk. Now imagine a thirty pound weight wrapped around the other ankle. Can’t run? Bingo! A dead man’s body weighs more after death than before death. Try moving warp speed around that.

Since most people would rather relax the slacker attacker is suggested.

Zombie Language

Can we talk? Absolutely not. Zombies can’t hold a conversation with anyone. They moan, grunt, slur, wheeze, and even snort at times. If you want that nice gargle sound to your zombie language use the old spit routine.

Allowing your mouth to fill with spit (self induced Halloween prop) before speaking can add to your zombie’s wacky sounds. No, you don’t have to go as far as drooling unless you must. Remember, flesh eating zombies tend to feed off of flesh so drooling may water down your victim’s fake blood splattered all over your mouth. Last thing you need is pool of watered down fake blood dripping off the chin.

A Zombie’s Make-Up

There is only one place to get a really good idea of what one can create with fake skin and/or objects. The 2007 Halloween Karneval Zombie Zipper Eyes Youtube video shows how to create an open zipper eye. The visual goes as such – one eye with a closed zipper under it and the other eye with an open zipper under it (with tissue exposed). Search “Halloween Karneval” on for more Halloween make-up clips and step-by-step guides.

Homemade fake blood can be created by using honey and food coloring. Little red, even less green.

Zombie Prop Shed

Flesh eating zombies usually do not hold items unless it is a victim’s hair tangled around a ring or watch. That is if the zombie is not holding a larger part of their victim’s human body. Oh, dare we? We dare!

Cut a couple strands of fake hair and dab some fake blood to it. Tuck the hair inside of your ring and/or watch. You could purchase or check hair salons and schools for a fake head. Fix the head features so that it appears like a nice human head. Some heads require wigs (gather if applies). Dab some fake blood around the bottom of the neck and again, place fake blood around your mouth if you are a flesh eater before you head out.

Zombies do not usually carry human heads but the Halloween prop does add to the zombie costume itself.

Tip: The blood you use for a flesh eating zombie will vary from deep red to black. Why? Your victim has fresh deep red blood. Zombie blood comes from a dead body.

Zombies Acting Out

Excellent and funny zombie clips can be viewed through Youtube. Check out the below listing then apply whatever assists your zombie costume and character.

Shaun of the Dead – “He’s got an arm off!”
Shaun of the Dead – “There’s a girl in the garden.”
Shaun of the Dead – Album throwing scene

Are they zombies or senior citizens?
Scary Movie 4 – Zombie scene

Learning how zombies respond to the world around them is important. For instance, light attracts zombies. Zombies lack fear. Zombies bite (debated). Zombies act really tired as if they downed two doses of NyQuil cold medicine (not suggested). Most Halloween goers prefer to dress as a zombie to enjoy their nightly consumption without an obstacle. That’s right. Zombies have the reputation of appearing drunk even though they are merely intoxicated by death.

Famous Zombie Movies

Famous zombie movies include 2009 “Zombieland”, 1978 / 2004 “Dawn of the Dead”, “Night of the Living Dead” (all), 2008 “Dead Snow”, 2009 “The Dead Undead”, “Resident Evil”, and the 2009 “Night of the Day of the Dawn of the son or the bride of the return of the revenge of the terror of the attack of the evil, mutant, alien, flesh eating, hellbound, zombified living dead part 2 – in shocking 2-D” (J. D. Salinger would be proud of that title).

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is also wise to check out. Again, Youtube offers a wide variety of Thriller videos. Simply search “Michael Jackson Thriller” or add to the search “making of” to view how the zombies prepared their act and what steps the make-up artists used. Still, a zombie masterpiece.

Zombie Halloween Costume Choices

Give me liberty or give me death! I’ll take the dead guy with the dark Fester rings around his eyes. Choose whatever character to zombify then simply follow the zombie code mentioned and walk that zombie runway. Bring it!

Zombie President is easy. This title could go to any past, present, or potential future failed hopefuls who were stupid enough to have been bitten by a zombie cabinet member. See where I’m going on this Halloween costume idea? Good for two. Perfect for a group of friends. Yes, you and a bunch of friends (family included) or co-workers can dress as a president’s administration of zombies. Don’t forget to wear the American flag pin on your blue suit, black shiny shoes, white button down shirt, red or blue tie Mr. President.

Zombie Bunny wears bunny ears, bunny tail, has a pink (triangle-shaped) nose, bunny whiskers (made with washable black eyebrow pencil), two big teeth (costume isle), and gloves that match the color of the tail and ears. Chances are you would find a white matching pair of tail and ears at your local department or costume stores.

Other zombie Halloween costume ideas include alleged cheater Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore – as zombies. Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper – as a zombie. Any presidential hopeful – as a zombie. Rob Zombie – as a zombie. N. Y. Giants Jacquian Williams #57 and Deon Grant #34 – as zombies – falling slowly to the ground. The two faked falls in sync and on camera during a live Sept. 2011 game. Your boss – as a zombie. But beware, that could get scary.

Or simply dress to compliment your favorite zombie character by giving it your best zombie shot.

Real Zombie Attack?

Would there be an evacuation route created one day to assist in a real zombie attack? Who knows. But according to the CDC, they’ve got your back in a zombie attack! Kind of…

Yes, they would rather be prepared for a town of zombies than try to research zombie movies at the last minute. What does the CDC suggest? Pretty much the same tasks expected during a hurricane warning. The first comment on the CDC listing suggests that one of the most important features of the zombie kit goes to the aluminum baseball bat. We have a winner!

In reality, zombies are dark entertainment. Or so it seems. Good for a scary movie. Great for Halloween!

Happy 2011 Halloween!

Note: Zombies ‘R Us as used within this article is in no way affiliated with the company, business, Facebook, or any other “Zombies ‘R Us” titles both online and off. Do not support zombie trafficking. If you have actually been bitten by a confirmed zombie…

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