Moss Wedding Monograms

You’re going to have lots of fabulous things at your wedding, from the flowers, to the gown, to the foods. But if you’re browsing catalogs or websites to find large, striking decorator pieces, you’re throwing away good money for no reason. There are many impressive projects you could do without having to invest precious time and money. Mossy letters are one example of a large piece you can make for your wedding. The letters are beautiful as a centerpiece or even a mantle decoration. You’ll see just how easy they are to make and, then, you can take that extra money and get something nice for your bridesmaids.

Styrofoam isn’t too expensive and you can find it at any craft store. When you buy a Styrofoam slab – thick or thin – you can easily cut the letters yourself. Although there are online places where you can order the letters you’ll save a bunch of money when you cut them yourself. It’s not hard. Use a serrated knife and cut an old candle with it. The wax that is transferred to the knife helps to cut the Styrofoam with ease.

Print out the letters, numbers, or characters you want. You can find nice fonts to print but make sure they’re simplistic enough for you to cut. Adjust the sizes, if needed, and print out the characters. Lay the papers on the Styrofoam, draw around the letters or numbers, and cut around them out of the Styrofoam. If needed, sand them with ordinary sandpaper. It’s super easy to sand and shape Styrofoam with sandpaper.

Use craft moss to cover the letters or other characters. You can find moss, sold in bags, at most any craft store. Hot glue works great to attach the moss to the numbers and/or letters. Just take a clump of the moss, put some hot glue where you want it, and lay the moss on it. Cover the whole front, and the sides, but not the backs, unless the characters will be standing in a place where others can see the backs.

With thick Styrofoam, the letters or numbers can stand up easily on their own – if you put no moss on the bottoms. Stand the finished letters on a mantle, table, counter, or elsewhere around the wedding or reception room. Use the first initial of you and your mate – along with an ampersand, make a mossy set of letters representing the year you’re getting married, or even make a mossy word, like “Love”, or “Forever”.

The mossy monograms are truly striking and make a huge statement. No matter where you place them, or what you spell out, the fuzzy letters will get lots of attention – but not more than you!
Mossy Monograms

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