Most Common Insurance Claims

Home and auto insurance claims are the most common among the types if insurance that people have because most everyone has at least auto insurance. Homeowners almost always have home insurance, because a home is such a large investment – and it’s required by the mortgage company.

Most Common Auto Insurance Claims

Minor accidents, or “fender benders,” are common. Usually these happen at a stop sign or in a parking lot. Two drivers may try to go through the stop sign at the same time. Fender benders are common in parking lots. Sometimes people just don’t watch when they are backing up. Other fender benders may be caused by a runaway shopping cart.

Whiplash is also a common auto insurance claim. Whiplash involves medical treatment and ambulance costs in addition to the cost to repair the vehicle. Whiplash often doesn’t appear immediately – it make take a couple days or longer before you notice the symptoms of whiplash, depending on how hard you were hit – or how hard you hit something.

Windshield damage is another common claim. Many insurance companies have policies that cover windshield repair with no deductible and the glass repair companies advertise this fact. Several things may cause you to have to repair a windshield, from damage from a rock thrown up at you while driving to damage done while the vehicle is parked, or from an accident.

Vandalism and theft are also common insurance claims, but this usually depends on your location and the type of vehicle you drive. Some vehicles have anti-theft devices or owners may install anti-theft devices, thus bringing down the instances of theft, but vandalism occurrences are still high, especially if the owner leaves expensive equipment, such as a GPS or a radio with the face-plate installed, in plain sight.

Most Common Home Insurance Claims

A home is the most expensive thing you may ever purchase. Even if you rent, you may have renter’s insurance, which covers your belongings in the event of a home invasion or should the house or apartment become damaged by fire or a natural disaster (sinkhole, hurricane, flood). You should purchase the best home insurance possible to cover your home and your belongings.

Fire claims are a common occurrence, whether from arson or a natural disaster. Many states have homes that are damaged by forest fires in their dry seasons. Before anything does happen, be sure to catalog all of your possessions – keep a list of everything, along with the date you purchased the item and the price you paid for the item.

Water damage insurance claims are common for those that live near water or live in an area the floods from flash floods easily, because of poor drainage. More commonly is water damage from a broken pipe or a rusted hot water heater. If you do not notice the leak, the damage can become quite extensive if the water lies on the floor or in the walls for an extended period of time.

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