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Quite a few of you are going to give me hell for this, but I find the Radicalz to be completely boring. Granted, they’re all great athletes, but who really watches Raw Is War or Smackdown! just for that? We want to be entertained. But please, dear readers, don’t be too quick to judge me. Read the column all the way through before you jump to conclusions on my being a shallow man or ignorant about the complexities of professional wrestling. Some of my male colleagues and readers may assume I only go for the hotties (though most of them would probably take Tori over Mae Young any day); please, give me more credit than that!

Collectively, the Radicalz come off as a little ho-hum. Where the “Attitude,” baby? Wheres the charisma? They need to do something – anything – to move me, the viewer into hating them or loving them. They have shown the world what they’re made of – now its time for them to tell the world what they’re made of. Perhaps, as they veer off on their own, this will change – but they’ve got to speak out! When they first walked into the Federation, the Radicalz energy level was high. Great expectations were set for these four boys who came from down south. All four had previously held gold: Benoit a former Heavyweight Champion, Guerrero a U.S. titleholder, Malenko a Cruiserweight Champion, and Saturn a Tag Team Champion. And many correctly predicted it wouldn’t be too long before similar success would be achieved by the foursome in their new home, the World Wrestling Federation.

Theres no arguement that such accomplishments are great. But when that’s all a guy has going for him, it doesn’t quite make it in my book. No, I’m not one of those who subscribes to the idea that “success is measured by the amount of championships…” Take Chris Jericho, for example. The moment he came to the Federation, he took it by storm. Some didn’t like him but others loved him. Regardless, he stirred the emotions and got a reaction from the fans. He has held titles, true – but he got this kind of reaction before the gold was around his waist..

Some have said, “Have a little patience, give the guy some time. They’re good wrestlers, particularly Benoit…” Well this is the World Wrestling Federation, baby – there’s more to talent than just put wrestling ability! Its about being the best and evoking emotion. Take the Hardy Boyz, for example. While they may not be skilled on the mic yet, the brothers are amazing to watch. True, they are high-flying daredevils, but even without such dramatic moves, there is chemistry between them – a harmony – which makes for great viewing. The Rock is another fine example. There is a grace in the way he moves, and his personality enhances his mystique all the more. He integrates his athleticism into his persona. There is much to be said for personality, folks.

This is the crux of the argument: World Wrestling Federation Superstars are about more than pure athleticism. Thats exactly what makes the Federation so great. The Superstars are complex characters who act with purpose. The Rock doesn’t “lay the smack down” on just any Joe. No, there is always a reason behind it. Perhaps the Radicalz can be likened to a movie that gets loads of hype but only receives two stars. Maybe bu the time this is in print I will be ready to eat my words. And believe me, I hope this will be the case. C’mon, big boys – move me, thrill me, get my juices flowing.

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